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What is a Deposition?

As a follow-up to a previous blog about what is a lawsuit, another question I get asked quite a bit is the following – What is a deposition? Probably because I’ve been an attorney involved in so many them I just assume everybody knows what a deposition is. However, my feelings are a bit presumptuous and […]

Is a Dog Bite Case Worth Pursuing?

Is a dog bite case worth pursuing? I get this question a lot. Often somebody who has been injured by a dog bite or dog attack calls our office and asks this question. Usually, the dog bite victim is concerned about the costs of pursuing the claim, how long will it take and the financial […]

Woman Falls Into A Fountain In Pennsylvania

In recent weeks there has been a lot of blogging about an incident that occurred in Pennsylvania. It involved a woman, Cathy Cruz Marrero, who tripped into a water fountain while walking and texting in a Retail Mall. One minute she’s texting; the next minute she’s face first into the water. Now she wants to […]