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University of Michigan Greek Life Faces Numerous Hazing Allegations

University of Michigan Suspends Greek Life Activities as Several Fraternities Face Hazing Allegations The University of Michigan’s newspaper recently reported that the University’s student-run Interfraternity Council has suspended all Greek Life social activities and new member education programs in the wake of multiple allegations of sexual misconduct, hazing and drug use. The suspension has banned [...]

Buggy Accident in Montcalm County Kills Three Children

Triple-Fatal-Buggy Crash in Montcalm County Highlights Greater Need for Roadside Awareness A Michigan family was headed to their Old Order Mennonite church when they and their horse-drawn buggy were involved in an accident with a Dodge 4×4 pickup truck. The horrific accident took place on a two-lane stretch in central Michigan’s Evergreen Township in Montcalm [...]

Michigan Hunter Starts Off Deer Season With A Once-In-A-Lifetime Buck

Landowners and Hunters Hold Similar Responsibilities to Minimize Injury Risks A hunter from Allen, Michigan kicked off the Michigan deer hunting season with a story to tell for the decades. Andy Harpster landed a 40-pound, 11-point buck on his private Hillsdale County property with a bow shot. He had been watching this particular deer for [...]

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3 Biggest Causes of Injuries on Halloween Night

Three Reasons Child Injuries Are High on Halloween Night For the Michigan families who will be celebrating Halloween this year, many are sure to be busy preparing costumes for a spooky-fun night Trick-or-Treating from the communities of Kalamazoo to Detroit. Sadly, one of the most fun night outs can also be considered one of the [...]

What are a Landlord’s Maintenance Responsibilities to a Renter?

MAINTAINING RENTAL PROPERTY: WHO IS RESPONSIBLE? It is in your best interest to be a good tenant if you plan on creating a happy and healthy home for yourself while in a property rental agreement. Knowing when you are responsible for maintenance and repairs and starting a discussion with your landlord can help with that. [...]

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Plaintiff Wins in Michigan Snow and Ice Case

Michigan Slip and Fall Lawyers The Michigan Court of Appeals last week found that a home health aide, who was injured while walking on a dangerous driveway due to snow and ice, may present her case before a jury. In holding the condition she encountered was “effectively unavoidable”, the Court found there was a genuine [...]

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Michigan Slip and Fall – What Are These Cases About?

Michigan Slip and Fall Lawyers With fall upon us, and winter quickly approaching, the slip and fall lawyers at Call Lee Free want to discuss Michigan slip and fall law. Michigan slip and fall law is one of the most confusing topics in personal injury law. Most people think that simply because you fall on [...]

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Michigan Dog Bite Attacks and Homeowner’s Insurance

A major issue I’ve noticed over the past few years in accepting and litigating Michigan dog bite claims and Michigan dog bite attacks is the lack of homeowner’s insurance by many dog owners. Under Michigan law, a dog owner is statutory liable for a dog bite attack done by their dog. Unless the dog was [...]

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What is a Deposition?

As a follow-up to a previous blog about what is a lawsuit, another question I get asked quite a bit is the following - What is a deposition? Probably because I’ve been an attorney involved in so many them I just assume everybody knows what a deposition is. However, my feelings are a bit presumptuous and [...]

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Is a Dog Bite Case Worth Pursuing?

Is a dog bite case worth pursuing? I get this question a lot. Often somebody who has been injured by a dog bite or dog attack calls our office and asks this question. Usually, the dog bite victim is concerned about the costs of pursuing the claim, how long will it take and the financial [...]

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