Michigan Court of Appeals Rules on Serious Impairment in Car Accident Case

Michigan Car Accident Injury Litigation - Serious Impairment Threshold Case A very important part of being a Michigan car accident lawyer is following the decisions that come down from the Michigan Court of Appeals. An important issue that always gets lots of attention is the way our courts analyze Michigan pain and suffering cases arising [...]

Michigan Legislature Makes Changes to Mini-Tort Law

The Michigan Legislature recently doubled the mini-tort limits with the passage of House Bill 5362.  Prior to October 1, 2012, the most a motor vehicle owner could obtain for the vehicle damage caused by the at-fault motorist was $500.   This amount was doubled and now one can collect $1,000 from the other driver' insurance company. [...]

Supreme Court Overturns Kreiner – Major Victory for Car Accident Victims

On Sunday, the Michigan Supreme Court issued a major decision that benefits all Michigan motorists and taxpayers. In a hotly contested 4-3 decision, the Court issued McCormick v. Larry Carrier and Allied Automobile Group, which overturns the infamous 2004 Kreiner v. Fischer decision previously issued by the Court. Car, truck and motorcycle accident victims can [...]

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