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Detroit Car Accident Lawyer Settles Case for Six Figures

The Lee Steinberg Law Firm, P.C. won a $130,000 settlement for a Detroit man who was injured in a horrible Detroit car accident in early 2015. The accident occurred on Sorrento Street, near the Lodge Freeway. The victim, who was a passenger in a friend’s vehicle, sustained numerous injuries, including low back pain resulting in a lumbar fusion surgery that was performed at Providence Hospital. Unfortunately, the car wreck was a hit-and- run accident and the perpetrators were never caught.

The man, who at the time of the Detroit car accident worked as a day laborer and residential home-builder, turned to the car insurance company to pay his Michigan no-fault PIP benefits.. These benefits included lost wages from missed time at work, medical bills, hospital bills, and services that family members and friends performed for him at home and after surgery (also known as replacement services and attendant care).

The car insurance company initially paid a few benefits, but then terminated all benefits after sending him to a well-known “independent” medical examiner. The IME doctor wrote a completely slanted report that stated our client did not require any additional medical treatment and could return to work. This despite the fact his car accident injuries prevented him from completing even basic tasks, let alone working as a day laborer.

Attorney Eric Steinberg for the Lee Steinberg Law Firm, P.C. filed a lawsuit in Wayne County Circuit Court against the car insurance company. After a long battle, the case settled, with the injured claimant receiving his lost wages, payment for the services his friends and loved one’s completed on his behalf, and the payment of all his outstanding medical expenses.

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