Eric Steinberg Chosen as “Pacesetter” by Michigan Association for Justice

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Eric Steinberg Acknowledged as a Pacesetter by the Michigan Association for Justice

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  • Law Office of Lee Steinberg attorney Eric Steinberg has been acknowledged as a Pacesetter by the Michigan Association for Justice (MAJ).
  • Steinberg is also on MAJ’s Executive Board and a monthly contributor to Justice PAC where he shares his experiences and expertise on personal injury law.
  • Eric serves clients in a broad range of Michigan personal injury matters including car and truck accidents, slips and falls, premise liability, landlord-tenant injuries, dog bite attacks, and wrongful deaths.
  • The Pacesetter recognition compliments his dedication to helping accident victims and his commitment to ensuring clients are strongly represented in a system that can take advantage of the defenseless.

law offices of lee steinberg

Michigan Attorney Eric Steinberg Chosen as “Pacesetter” by Michigan Association for Justice

Attorney Eric Steinberg has been selected as a Pacesetter, a legal leader who helps establish and better the goals of the Michigan Association for Justice (MAJ) for the mutual benefit of attorneys and clients alike.

Steinberg became a member of MAJ in 2006, shortly after working in corporate litigation in Chicago and moving back to Michigan to practice personal injury law with The Lee Steinberg Law Firm. Since, he has seen the importance of participating in professional organizations that help support a better legal system, but also the needs of both attorney and client.

“I felt it was crucial to help support an organization that represents all trial lawyers throughout the state, such as MAJ. I joined during a time of an unrelenting anti-consumer and anti-plaintiff Michigan Supreme Court that was issuing one result-oriented rulings after another,” said Steinberg. “I have been extremely thankful for the role MAJ has played in my career and very appreciative of this Pacesetter acknowledgement.”

Eric now sits on MAJ’s Executive Board and is a contributor to Justice PAC and The Law Office of Lee Steinberg’s weekly blog, working to educate others on the legal system and offer support to injured victims and their families.

He credits his father and trial lawyer Lee Steinberg for showing him how compassion and support are necessary when fighting and winning for clients. Eric says his success is also backed by a tremendous staff of experienced and intelligent professionals who work just as hard as he does.

On Being There for Michigan Families

In the April 2019 Pacesetter feature, Steinberg expressed that being able to help families achieve financial comfort after an unexpected loss or tragic death of a loved one remains one of the most valuable opportunities he has to help and serve others as an attorney.

“One such case, in particular, involved a very young mom who lost her husband tragically in a car accident,” Steinberg continued to say. “The insurance company for the at-fault driver at first was extremely recalcitrant. But with hard work, I was able to achieve a very favorable result for her.”

Eric is licensed to practice law in the State of Michigan and the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan (2006). He specializes in all areas of personal injury law, with a particular focus on automobile negligence, recovery of Michigan no-fault benefits and premises liability.

Everyone at the offices of Lee Steinberg would like to applaud Eric for his commitment to our clients and the Michigan communities we represent. We congratulate him on this most excellent acknowledgment as a Michigan Association for Justice Pacesetter.

To learn more about MAJ and read the special feature on Eric’s leadership as a Michigan personal injury attorney, click here.

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