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Fatal Crash in LaSalle Township Likely Alcohol-Related

alcohol related crash

Alcohol Suspected in Double Fatal Accident in LaSalle Township

Our attorneys were again saddened (but not shocked) to read of the recent double fatality involving what is believed to have been a head-on crash between a motorcycle and small passenger car in LaSalle Township. Accident reports read that both a 53-year-old driver of a motorcycle and his 45-year-old passenger were killed when their bike collided with the drunk driver of a 2003 Dodge Neon on M-125 near the Kelly Rd. intersection. First responders report the victims were wearing crash gear, including motorcycle helmets, but died from injuries after being thrown from the motorcycle. Both of the riders were deceased when EMS help arrived. The motorcycle was found in flames and the Neon had made its final stop in a ditch. No skid marks were found on the highway and only the front of the small vehicle showed crash damage. That driver and only occupant, a woman, was taken by Monroe Community Ambulance to Toledo Hospital for non-life-threatening injuries to her ankle.

The deadly and tragic crash shut down the highway in both directions between Rauch and Kelly Rds. Michigan State Police said in a press release that they believe the Monroe County Prosecutor’s office will be reviewing the accident as “Alcohol use on the part of the at-fault driver (the Neon) is suspected to be a factor in the crash.”

Anyone with information about the crash is asked to contact Trooper Tom Markey of the Monroe post at 734-242-3500.

Michigan Drunk Driving Incidents All Too Common This Summer

Michigan drivers have to be responsible. This means if drinking, avoid driving. It’s just that simple. After any amount of drinks, always assume you are not equipped to operate a motor vehicle. Instead, you should know your booze limits and make sure you take these following steps at the beginning of the night because by the end, they may just save a life.

  • Know your plan for getting home after drinking and use it. Whether you have to call a friend, Uber Detroit, Flint, or Ann Arbor, or find a designated driver to take you home, it’s important to know of a sober driver to call if you need it.
  • Park your car in a location where you will feel comfortable leaving it overnight if you find yourself unable to drive.
  • Know what your public transportation options are at the location where you will be. A bartender or restaurant staff may be able to help with this if you find yourself in a difficult situation.

Do your part, be a responsible driver and follow the law and never drive after drinking – and please share this message with others.

There is No Excuse for Drunk Drivers

The attorneys and staff at the Lee Steinberg Law Firm care greatly about our clients and members of the communities we serve. If something does happen and you are injured in a drunk driving accident or a loved one has been killed by the selfish acts of an intoxicated driver, call us for help. Our drunk driving accident lawyers will be ready to support you in your time of need and healing, and we can help decrease the financial pressures on your family by aggressively pursuing a personal injury claim on your behalf. Call us today to get started with your FREE initial consultation: 1-800-LEE-FREE or fill out the Free Case Evaluation Form.