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Steering Problems Lead to Recall of 1 Million GM SUVs

GM steering recall

General Motors Recalls 1 Million SUVs For Steering Problems

General Motors (GM) announced another U.S. recall of more than a million pickups and popular SUVs. The recall has been initiated because of several known power-assisted steering problems that triggered more 30 accidents and two injuries. The historical car maker said in a release, “the power steering can fail momentarily during a voltage drop and suddenly return, mainly during low-speed turns.” When this issue occurs, there is a significant increase in crash risk and injury to all road users.

The recall involves certain 2015 models of:

  • Chevrolet Silverado
  • GMC Sierra 1500 pickups
  • Chevy Tahoe and Suburban SUVs.
  • Cadillac Escalade
  • GMC Yukon SUVs

Customers have yet to be notified but dealers are equipped to update the power steering software at no cost if contacted by owners. Last year, GM recalled 2014 model year trucks for the same problem.

The car accident attorneys at the Lee Steinberg Law Firm understand the severity of motor vehicle recalls and their ongoing road safety issues if not fixed. It helps to identify what drivers will be impacted most so repairs can be made before an injury ensues.

Consumers Can Identify a Recall on Their Vehicle

GM is not the only car maker to open a vehicle recall. In Michigan, 20.9 percent of vehicles currently have open safety recalls. The cities of Detroit (23 percent), Southfield (21 percent) and Kalamazoo (20 percent) have the highest open safety recalls for vehicles on the road. Consumers are responsible for knowing if their vehicle and vehicle parts are included on a recall list and should not depend on a dealership, previous owner, or car maker to inform them. If you are ever unsure if your car, motorcycle, or truck has been recalled, you can simply check by using your unique 17-character VIN via the NHTSA’s online recall portal.

What is included in an online VIN search?

  • Vehicle safety recalls that are incomplete
  • Vehicle safety recalls conducted over the past 15 calendar years
  • Vehicle safety recalls conducted by major light auto automakers, including motorcycle manufacturers 

What is NOT included in an online VIN search?

  • Completed safety recall information
  • Manufacturer customer service or other non-safety recall campaign
  • International vehicles
  • Very recently announced safety recalls for which not all VINs have been identified
  • Safety recalls that are more than 15 years old (except where a manufacturer offers more coverage)
  • Safety recalls conducted by small vehicle manufacturers, including some ultra-luxury brands and specialty applications

Vehicle recalls have proven to lead to serious accidents, injuries, and sometimes death. With offices throughout Michigan, the Lee Steinberg Law Firm are positioned to help the victims of dangerous and faulty vehicles and meet with them anywhere across the state to initiate a claim. 

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