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Innocent 4 Year-Old Boy Mauled By Pit Bulls

Detroit Dog Bite Lawyers

An absolutely tragic and horrible dog bite attack occurred in Detroit this afternoon. While a 4 year-old boy and his mother were walking to volunteer at a local school, it appears a group of four pit bulls escaped from a fenced-in yard, grabbed the boy, and pulled him away from his mother. The vicious dogs then mauled the boy to death.

The incident occurred on the city’s west side and occurred in the middle of the afternoon. The dogs’ owner, a 41 year-old Detroit man, has been taken into custody and it is expected he will be charged with negligent homicide.

Neighbors and people in the area used bricks, clubs and Mace to try to get the dogs away from the young boy.

This incident is truly tragic. I cannot even fathom what this poor mother and the boy’s family are going through. Incidents are like these are completely senseless. It is unclear if the dogs had a history of attacks and vicious behavior, but this type of behavior usually does not occur without some type of previous animal maltreatment, or specific vicious animal training.

It is my hope the dogs’ owner is criminally prosecuted to the fullest extent possible.