Michigan Car Insurance - Electronic Proof is Now Allowed

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Michigan Car Insurance – Electronic Proof of Insurance Now Allowed

Under a new law which will go into effect in a few months, drivers can now present Michigan proof of insurance via a cell phone or some other electronic device instead of having to provide a hard copy. So if you are pulled over by a police officer for speeding, or are involved in a Michigan car accident, pulling up your insurance information on your cell phone is just as good as providing the proof of insurance you are given by the Secretary of State.

In my opinion, this is a good move. Technology continues to advance and many individuals now do everything online – whether it’s paying utility bills, credit card bills, the mortgage or making car payments. Hard copies are easily lost and many times we keep throwing them in the glove box, without replacing the old and expired insurance certificates.

Under Michigan law, an owner of a car who is involved in a motor vehicle accident much have auto insurance to be eligible for both no-fault PIP benefits as well as pain and suffering third-party compensation. If the insurance had lapsed, and was not in effect on the date of the accident, the owner cannot collect benefits. This is true even if you are hit by a drunk driver and sustain serious personal injuries.

1-800-LEE-FREE recommends you always drive with up-to-date car insurance. Not doing so can result in serious hardships and fines. We also recommend you price out your insurance rates every so often to ensure you are getting a good deal. A final recommendation is to use smaller Michigan insurance carriers over some of the larger insurance corproations – such as State Farm and Allstate – because they tend to treat their policyholders better.