Michigan Injury Attorney Negotiates Large Settlement for Midland Man

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Michigan Injury Attorney Negotiates Large Car Accident Settlement for Midland Man

The hard-working Michigan car accident attorneys at the Lee Steinberg Law Firm, P.C. settled a Mid-Michigan car accident for over $700,000 recently. The car accident victim was a Midland, Michigan man who was a passenger in a pick-up truck when the vehicle he occupied was rear-ended by a large semi-truck trailer. The resulting impact propelled the pick-up truck into the vehicle stopped in front of him.

The passenger was a retired machinist who had early onset Parkinson’s disease as well as other medical issues, including respiratory ailments. The car accident, however, caused a C2 fracture (neck injury), C3 disc herniation, rib fractures and pulmonary distress resulting in pneumonia. Eventually, our client died from his car accident injuries.

The car accident was investigated by the Gratiot County Sheriff’s Department. The at-fault driver admitted liability and was working for his company at the time. From the accident scene, the victim was taken to Gratiot Medical Center and treated for a neck fracture and pulmonary contusions. From Gratiot Medical Center, doctors transferred him to Mid-Michigan Medical Center in Midland where he was admitted to the ICU. While in the ICU, a subsequent CT scan showed cord compression at C2-3 and he was placed on a ventilator to increase oxygen levels.

Although he was discharged to a rehabilitation facility, over the next month our client’s health deteriorated. He developed pneumonia and had difficulty breathing and swallowing. He was again taken back to Mid-Michigan Medical Center and admitted to the ICU. He eventually succumbed to his injuries after his family made the painful and devastating decision to take him off life support.

The insurance company for the at-fault driver and the owner of the vehicle very aggressively fought this case. They argued our client was already in very poor medical condition and that his post-car-accident injuries were not much different than his pre-accident medical ailments. They argued his lifestyle had not actually changed much at all after the car accident. Most incredibly, they tried to argue our client’s resulting death was not related to the car accident at all.

On behalf of our client’s family and estate, our car accident lawyers worked diligently in obtaining expert opinions relating our client’s subsequent car accident injuries to the accident itself. We met with multiple treating doctors to get their opinions, which also related our client’s injuries and death to the tragic car accident.

The result was a high six-figure settlement for the family, who was very appreciate of the outcome and knowing the defendants were held responsible for this awful, life changing event.

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