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Michigan Traffic Crash Statistics – 2013:

Residents and visitors of the State of Michigan have a long history of enjoying our state’s roadways. After all, the state’s beauty and open highways make it an attractive and fun place to drive.

However, accidents do occur.

The Michigan State Police is charged with monitoring Michigan traffic crash statistics. This is done through the Traffic Crash Reporting System (TCRS). All Michigan car accidents must be reported to the TCRS. Every year, the Michigan State Police release statistical information on Michigan car crashes, including the location of crashes, crash type, fatalities, injuries and other data.

The following are highlights for the latest traffic crash statistics from 2013.

Interestingly, the traffic crash data for 2013 released earlier this year showed more than a 5% increase in Michigan car accidents compared to 2012.

In 2013, there were a total of 289,061 motor vehicle and motorcycle crashes in Michigan. This compares to 273,891 in 2012. There was also a slight increase in fatal car accidents with 881 compares to 870 in 2012. The total number of traffic accidents resulting in injuries also increased, although slightly from 70,519 to 71,031.

Unsurprisingly, most Michigan car crashes occurred on local streets, with close to 60% of accidents occurring on basic local roads.

There was good news in the Michigan motorcycle crash data. The total number of motorcycle accidents actually decreased slightly in 2013, with a total of 3,114 motorcycle crashes. The amount of injuries from motorcycle related accidents also decreased, from 2,590 to 2,261, a 12% decrease.

The number of fatalities from Michigan motorcycle accidents was exactly the same, with 130 motorists losing their lives due to motorcycle accidents. This number is actually a welcome relief given more and more motorcycle operators and passengers are electing not to wear safety helmets when riding.

The number of bicycle accidents involving motor vehicles decreased slightly in 2013, as did the number of injuries. However, fatalities from individuals riding bicycles actually increased in 2013 from 20 to 29.

In my next blog, I’ll discuss some more figures from the 2013 Michigan Traffic Crash Report and provide some interesting facts.