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What Are Replacement Services?

Under the Michigan No-Fault Law, an accident victim is entitled to certain benefits. Besides the payment of medical expenses that are related to the car accident, as well as lost wages, the car insurance company must compensate for what’s known as “replacement services.”

Found under MCL 500.3107(1)(c), replacement services are “ordinary and necessary services” the injured person would have performed for himself if not for the car accident. Most replacement services are household chores and include such activities as cooking, cleaning the home, taking out the garbage, taking care of outdoor chores and other similar tasks.

Family members and friends are entitled to receive compensation for the services they provide around the home on behalf of the car accident victim. The person completing the chores on behalf of the injured person may obtain up to $20.00 per day. The benefit is available for 3 years from the date of the accident.

Household replacement services are a standard part of many Michigan no-fault claims. Although the Michigan no-fault law does not require a doctor to formally write that a car accident victim requires replacement services, a doctor’s script or something in writing from the treating physician stating the services are necessary is helpful in obtaining compensation for the benefit from the car insurance company.

In addition, most insurance companies require the chore provider to write down the tasks performed on behalf of the accident victim and to turn this documentation in to the insurance carrier. A running ledger or monthly calendar explaining what tasks were completed each day is usually sufficient proof for the insurance company to pay the benefit.

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