Science Teacher at Clio High School Wins Golden Apple Award

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Science Teacher at Clio High School Wins Golden Apple Award Sponsored by Lee Steinberg Law Firm

golden apple award

We are happy to offer our congratulations to Ken Korb, the winner of this year’s Golden Apple Award, sponsored by our team here at the Lee Steinberg Law Firm!

2022-2023 Golden Apple Award

The Golden Apple Award is awarded to K-12 teachers who go above and beyond to support our community’s students. 

Facilitated by Mid-Michigan NOW, the Golden Apple Award invites community members to nominate exceptional teachers for recognition. The public votes on the finalists to determine who should receive this honor. 

Teachers play such an important role in the lives of our children. They are more than just our kids’ educators; they are role models, supporters, and encouragers! 

December 2022 Golden Apple Winner: Ken Korb

All of the teachers nominated as finalists for the Golden Apple Award are hardworking and dedicated. The community had several excellent finalists to choose from, thanks to the wonderful teachers we have in the area. 

Ken Korb won the award by receiving the most votes from current and past students, parents, colleagues, and other community members.

Mr. Korb has been teaching for more than 4 decades. For the past 37 years, he has taught science at Clio High School in Clio, Michigan. His teaching areas include anatomy, physiology, and biology. 

He also teaches in the school’s Driver Education program. Driver Education can be a stressful experience for many young drivers, but Mr. Korb helps students feel confident as they prepare for their Michigan driver’s test. 

Mr. Korb approaches teaching with a wonderful attitude that says that learning should be fun! You can hear more about Mr. Korb and his approach to teaching in this video from Mid-Michigan NOW. 

In December, Mr. Korb was informed that he had won the Golden Apple Award when Eric Steinberg of the Lee Steinberg Law Firm came to the school to present his award. The students were thrilled, and many stated that they would never forget Mr. Korb or his fun approach to teaching. 

Eric Steinberg knows the value of teachers all too well. He stated that “Being a teacher is one of the hardest professions. It’s a profession that doesn’t get enough credit. My mom was a teacher. My wife was a teacher.” He also said that it was “Great seeing these kids having such a great time here, enjoying their teacher, loving their teacher, and then learning and growing as people.”

Mr. Korb said, “I appreciate all of the people that voted for me. If it wasn’t for them–all of these students and staff members and the community–I wouldn’t be here accepting this award.”

Lee Steinberg Law Firm is proud to sponsor the Golden Apple Award

We are proud to be the sponsor for the Golden Apple Award! Partnering with Mid-Michigan NOW to present this award to deserving teachers in our community is one of the ways that we recognize the vital role that teachers play in our community.

Mr. Korb said, “This is the best job I’ve ever had in my entire life. I love the community, the district, the school, the people, staff, (and) most of all: the students.” It’s evident that the students, faculty, staff, and community as a whole feel the same way about Mr. Korb. The Lee Steinberg Law Firm is proud to sponsor this award and even more proud to publicly acknowledge the hard work and dedication of teachers in our community and beyond.

From everyone at the Lee Steinberg Law Firm, Congratulations, Mr. Korb!