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Winter Finally Arrives, Brings Deadly Road Conditions

We knew it was coming, and it has. Cold, snow, wind, ice, lake effect snow, sleet, sub-zero temperatures…they’ve all made their way to Michigan. Still, we all have places to go, work to do, school to attend, and so we drive in the cold and the snow and the ice. These conditions can prove deadly [...]

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Summer 2016: Too Many Michigan Boating Accidents

Michiganders are literally surrounded by lakes. Our great state is nestled between four of the five great lakes: Lake Huron, Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, and Lake Superior. There are also many amazing bodies of water within Michigan’s boundaries. If you’ve grown up or lived in Michigan for any period of time, lake activities are basically [...]

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Michigan Bike Accident – Tragedy and Solutions

Michigan Bicycle Accident Lawyers The tragic and absolutely devastating bicycle deaths that occurred near Kalamazoo last week highlight the growing problems bicyclists and motorists are facing on Michigan roadways. The accident occurred when a man driving a pickup truck plowed into a group of bicyclists. The collision results in the deaths of 5 bicyclists, with [...]

Motorcycle Helmets and Safety

Well at some point the weather will begin to improve this season. With warmer temperatures comes the ability to take out the bike and ride with friends and family on our state’s beautiful highways and roadways. However, as always, motorcyclists and passengers must be careful and think safety first. A good place to start is [...]

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