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What to Bring to Your First Meeting With a Personal Injury Lawyer

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Accident or Personal Injury Claim Checklist

If you are the unfortunate one injured in some type of accident and you believe you are not at fault, it is a good idea to come prepared to talk with an experienced lawyer about the incident. Although a good lawyer will have his or her own list of questions to ask you, coming with information about how the accident happened, photographs, supporting documents about any medical treatments or conditions you have since been diagnosed with, insurance information and any notes you have been taking regarding life after the accident will only help. A lawyer will want to know everything that you know about the event and how it has impacted your life.

You can use this checklist as a starting point for your meeting and get a sense of the useful evidence needed to make your claim. A lawyer at the Law Offices of Lee B. Steinberg, P.C., will be able to use this checklist and help consult you on further documentation you might need and how you could obtain it to make your case.


Official reports

  • Police reports
  • Accident reconstruction reports
  • Private investigation reports
  • 911 dispatch call recordings
  • Reports by other law enforcement agencies

Photos, video, or audio taken at the scene

  • Take photos and video of the scene
  • Photos of injuries
  • Photos of property damage
  • Photos of people present
  • Road/scene condition photos

Statements and notes

  • Witness statements
  • Your journal or notes
  • Victim statements
  • Calendar of events of how life has changed or been disrupted since accident

Medical reports

  • Initial doctor’s examination
  • Second opinions
  • Specialist’s reports

History and research

  • Evidence of past violations or safety concerns
  • Vehicle or machinery service history

Physical evidence

  • Clothing worn during the incident
  • Damaged items, even small ones


  • Any communication from insurance companies
  • Your insurance card
  • Other party’s insurance information

Bills and invoices

  • Medical bills
  • Repair invoices

Other forms

  • Several W2 forms (showing wages lost)

Michigan Personal Injury Lawyers

To get the full compensation for your injuries, you need an experienced team willing to fight for you. Insurance companies have professionals on their side to help them pay out as little as possible for each claim. You should have legal professionals working for you to ensure you receive a fair result. The team at the Law Offices of Lee B. Steinberg, P.C. will travel to clients throughout the state and fight to win their case. The dedicated team of Michigan personal injury attorneys and trial lawyers are not afraid to go the extra mile. We only handle personal injury cases and we only represent individuals, not insurance companies or big corporations.

Our law firm handles a wide variety of Michigan negligence cases. Some of the more common cases are the following:

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