Detroit Car Accident Lawyers Settle Oakland County Case for Six-Figures

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Detroit Car Accident Lawyers Settle Oakland County Man’s Case for Six-Figures

The Detroit car accident lawyers at the Lee Steinberg Law Firm, P.C. – Call Lee Free – settled a pain and suffering car accident claim for an Oakland County man who was rear-ended by a dump truck while sitting at a red light. The settlement was in the six-figures. Our client, an 80-year-old retiree, sustained low back injuries resulting in low back surgery.

The car accident occurred on Dixie Highway in northern Oakland County during the day. Our client was sitting at a light, waiting to a make a left-hand turn when he was rear-ended by a dump truck. Although the impact did not cause much vehicle damage, the crash aggravated our client’s pre-accident low back injuries.

Although the at-fault driver admitted causing the accident, his insurer did not believe our client’s low back injuries and subsequent medical treatment was related to the accident. The car accident victim had a lumbar (low back) fusion performed over 20 years earlier. Following the crash, he complained of low back pain and headache at a local urgent care. He did not initially treat at an area hospital following the car accident.

Because the pain in his low back did not go away, he saw a neurosurgeon who recommended the removal of a bone growth stimulator that had been previously implanted. Following the removal of the stimulator, an MRI of the low back revealed severe stenosis (narrowing) in the L3-4 disc area and a lumbar fusion surgery was performed. Following the surgery, he was readmitted to the hospital complaining of nausea. Eventually, the pain subsided and our client began physical therapy. Although the surgery was a benefit, he continued to suffer from pain and discomfort.

The insurance company for the at-fault vehicle vehemently denied the car accident caused our client’s injuries. For one thing, our client’s vehicle did not sustain much in the way of vehicle damage. Second, our client had already undergone low back surgery and had continued to see a doctor for low back leading up to the car accident.

However, by linking our client’s post car-accident complains with the medical records and treating physician opinions, our Detroit car accident lawyers were able to substantiate our client’s injuries and medical treatment – including his surgery – to his car accident.

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