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Michigan Boating Lawyers – Fatal Boating Accident on St. Clair River

A fatal boat crash took place over the weekend on St. Clair River. 

According to news reports, a driver of a 25-foot Baja boot slammed into a cabin cruiser broadside near the south channel of the river.   It is believed the operator of the Baja boot was intoxicated at the time of the crash.  The crash tragically caused the death of two people aboard the cabin cruiser.  Three other passengers on the cabin cruiser were injured as well. 


We have heard for years the danger of operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated.  What isn’t stressed enough is the danger of operating motor boats and other water vessels while drinking.  Like a car, boats travelling at almost any rate of speed can cause serious personal injury and even death.  Boaters are legally obligated to operate their vessels responsibly and with due care and caution. 


I feel horrible for the friends and families of the two individuals who needlessly lost their lives over the weekend.  Michigan summers are a time to enjoy yourself and have fun.  However, it is important to do so with the safety and well being of others in mind.

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