Michigan's Requirements for Drivers of Uber and Lyft

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Michigan Requirements for Uber and Lyft Drivers

Eric Roberts

The predecessor of Lyft was founded in 2007, while Uber launched in 2009. Since these two companies hit the scene, Ridesharing has changed how we do things. Denver Nicks wrote in a 2014 TIME article, “Uber, Lyft and other ridesharing services are often framed as alternatives to taxis. But the reality in most of America, where taxi services are often clunky and undependable, is that they aren’t alternatives to anything. They’re something entirely new that is transforming life and culture for the better.”

However, like all things, it is crucial to stay up to date with how these significant changes impact our roads, sidewalks, and personal safety. Whether you are an Uber or Lyft rider, a pedestrian, a cyclist, or a driver on the road that may encounter a Rideshare vehicle, it’s essential to be conscious of the Uber driver requirements and Lyft driver requirements and aware of your rights and entitlements should there be an accident. 

Under Michigan law, victims injured in an Uber or Lyft car accident are entitled to no-fault benefits and pain and suffering compensation. A Michigan Uber & Lyft accident attorney has the expertise to help navigate the complicated details of your case.

Uber Driver Requirements

Uber’s site sets out its requirements for the national level. There are four minimum requirements to drive for Uber.

  • Meet the minimum age in your area
  • At least one year of driving experience as a licensed individual in the United States
    • Three years of driving experience if under the age of 25 years old.
  • Hold a valid US driver’s license
  • Drive an eligible 4-door vehicle
  • Be able to provide proof of residency in the city, state, or province
  • A photo for the driver’s profile
  • Have a smartphone capable of downloading and running the Uber driver app

Additionally, through the process of how to become an Uber driver, there is a screening process that reviews driving records and criminal history.

Lyft Driver Requirements

Lyft’s website outlines its requirements for its drivers, which are similar to those of Uber.

  • Be at least 25 years old
  • Hold a valid driver’s license
    • A temporary or out-of-state license is acceptable
  • Have a smartphone capable of downloading and running the Lyft driver app
  • Pass Lyft’s driver screening 

Uber Vehicle Requirements in Detroit

Vehicles for Uber driving must meet specific standards if driving in the Detroit area. 

The driver’s vehicle must

  • Be no older than 15 years
  • Have 4 doors
  • Be in good condition with no visible damage
  • Be without commercial branding
  • Have passed an inspection within the last five years

Additionally, the driver must hold personal Michigan No-Fault Auto Insurance and proof of vehicle registration. 

Drivers have more stringent requirements if they want to participate in the Uber Black program. 

Lyft Vehicle Requirements in Michigan 

Lyft drivers also have vehicle requirements

  • Must be a 2009 or newer
  • Have 4 doors
  • Seat 5-8 individuals, including the driver
  • Not also be a taxi or stretch limousine
  • Not titled as non-repairable, salvage, rebuilt, or any equivalent classification

Drivers have more stringent requirements if they want to participate in the Lyft Lux program. 

Are there Training for Requirements for Rideshare Drivers in Michigan?

The short answer is yes, but it is not as thorough as one may assume.

Neither rideshare companies require their drivers to hold a chauffeur license or any other proof of certification of having received training beyond the minimum required to hold a driver’s license.

Uber and Lyft do not receive additional defensive driving training or practice for their current drivers or applicants. 

Uber driver requirements include learning the specific company app and GPS navigation. Lyft driver requirements include watching six videos that go over safety training. The series of videos total about 20 minutes. 

Am I Safe in a Rideshare Vehicle in Detroit?

Statistically, you are no more or less in danger in an Uber or Lyft than your vehicle or a taxi cab. Regarding insurance coverage, passengers may be safer in a rideshare vehicle than in a taxi or municipal public transportation. Rideshare services offer generous compensation, and their drivers, routes, and passenger pick-up records are well documented, which is very helpful during any potential litigation. 

The Lee Steinberg Law Firm – Detroit Uber and Lyft Accident Lawyers

If you are involved in a Detroit car accident with a Rideshare vehicle as a party – whether you are a rider, pedestrian, or cyclist – you will need to work with an attorney to ensure that you receive full and fair compensation. In most cases, this will require arguing your case and providing sufficient evidence to prove that the fault lies with the Rideshare party. 

The attorneys at the Lee Steinberg Law Firm are well versed and experienced in automobile accidents and can help you navigate the confusion and stress that always ensues after an accident. The Lee Steinberg Law Firm can help you process your Michigan rideshare accident claim and ensure you are appropriately awarded the settlement you are entitled to help you pay for damages incurred in an accident. 

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