Should I Have My Car Inspected or Appraised Following A Car Accident?

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Michigan Car Accident FAQs – Vehicle Appraisal

Should I Have My Car Damage Inspected or Appraised Following A Michigan Car Accident?

Yes. Demonstrating how bad the vehicle damage is following a Michigan car wreck is important. It shows the insurance company how bad the car accident is, what needs to be repaired and how extensive the damage is. A simple car repair estimate can go a long way to demonstrate to the insurance company and jury the significance of the crash. This can increase the value of your case. In addition, under Michigan law, the person at-fault for causing the car accident is responsible for paying some of the vehicle damage. This is called a mini-tort claim. Under mini-tort, the at-fault driver must pay the deductible for the property damage, up to $1,000. If the at-fault driver did not have maintain mini-tort coverage, then a claimant can go after the at-fault driver for the full amount in small claims court or district court. However, most insurance policies include mini-tort coverage. Sending the car insurance company a vehicle damage report or collision estimate helps make the mini-tort payment process move quickly. It provides the best evidence of the cost of repair and the need for the at-fault carrier to pay the claim. Last, it demonstrates to the jury and the general public how serious you take the car accident. Many jurors get upset when they found out the accident victim failed to even get a collision estimate. Some may think how bad could the accident have been if they didn’t even bother to get their car fixed? By getting a collision estimate done, you put those doubts to rest and show the insurance company and potential jury that you take your car accident seriously.