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5 Ways Michigan Weather Will Impact Your Winter Commute

Key Points of This Article: NHTSA data is reporting that Michigan is the most dangerous state for winter driving, with nearly 50 road deaths every year. About 65% of the winter car accidents in Michigan have been linked to drivers driving “too fast for conditions,” according to a Michigan State Police analysis. Despite the many winter weather factors that are [...]

New Bodily Injury Forms Released by DIFS and The New Michigan No-Fault Law

Key Points in This Article: For the first time in almost 50 years, drivers and owners can now be sued for the medical expenses they cause following a car crash. The DIFS released the Michigan Choice of Bodily Injury Liability Coverage Limits form motorists will need to sign beginning in July 2020. The form explains [...]

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Car Insurance Companies Use Material Misrepresentation and Fraud to Get Out of Paying Claims In Michigan

Key Points in This Article: Michigan car insurance carriers are aggressively denying claims and refusing to pay Michigan no-fault benefits by alleging fraud or a material misrepresentation in the purchase of the policy. The legal definition of material misrepresentation is the act of intentional hiding or fabrication of a material fact which, if known to [...]

Stolen Vehicles and Michigan No-Fault Benefits

Key Points in This Article: People injured in a stolen vehicle can obtain Michigan no-fault benefits as well as pain and suffering compensation against the person who caused the crash. If you are hit by a stolen vehicle, then the insurance carrier for that vehicle will most likely not pay the claim. This author advises [...]

No-Fault Bulletin No. 5 – New Third-Party Law

Key Points in This Article: This bulletin will evaluate the changes to third-party negligence cases under the new Michigan no-fault law. With the Public Act 21 of 2019, a number of huge ramifications for Michigan drivers, their families and anyone who uses a car, truck or motorcycle in this state are possible. An individual who [...]

LA Insurance Selling Short-Term Michigan Auto Policies Again

Key Points in This Article: Despite being banned in 2018, LA Insurance offices are again selling Michigan no-fault insurance policies that expire after only 13 days. People who buy these policies are not aware they are sold as 6-month policies that contain a requirement that a second payment must be made by the 13th day [...]

Michigan Car Accident Law for Ohio Residents – The New Michigan No-Fault Law Explained

Key Points in This Article: Ohio drivers and passengers who are injured in a car crash while in Michigan and subject to Michigan car accident laws. The car accident laws for Michigan differ greatly compared to Ohio law. Because Michigan is a no-fault state, there are certain things a car crash victim injured in Michigan [...]

Insurance Commissioner Changes Rule on PIP Benefits for Michigan Assigned Claims Cases

Michigan Assigned Claims Injury Lawyers The Director of the Department of Insurance and Financial Services (DIFS) issued an important order on September 24, 2019 concerning the Michigan no-fault law, and more specifically car injury claims that go through the Michigan Assigned Claims Plan (MACP). First some background. Under Michigan law, if you are injured in [...]

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How The Michigan No-Fault Law Changes Affect Medicaid

Bulletin #4 – What the Change in the No-Fault Law Means for Medicaid    On May 30, 2019, Governor Whitmer signed a major overhaul to the Michigan no-fault system, completely transforming Michigan car accident law. The legislation took effect on June 11, 2019 as Public Act 21 of 2019. There a number of huge ramifications [...]

Commercial Truck Accidents and Proving Truck Driver Negligence

Synopsis Weighing 80,000 lbs. compared to a passenger vehicle’s 5,000 lbs., semi-trucks are bigger, heavier, and much more challenging to control and stop than any other car or truck on the road. Commercial truck drivers work long shifts under a timely schedule to ensure deliveries. Fatigue and distraction too quickly settle in. In an attempt [...]