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OSHA Passes New Rule on Occupational Exposure to Beryllium

Michigan Employers Must Now Comply with New Beryllium Rule The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has started to enforce the final rule on occupational exposure to beryllium in all forms, compounds, and mixtures in general, construction, and shipyard industries. Set into action on May 12, 2018, stakeholders now have further obligations to protect worker health [...]

How Utility Companies Should Protect Their Employees from Electrical Accidents

Michigan Utility Workers Have Dangerous Jobs It’s no doubt utility crew workers have some of the toughest industry jobs out there. While heavily trained in safety, these electric, natural gas, water, sewer and other utility workers often face obstacles like overexertion, heat and cold stressors, and exposure to electricity and gases, or equipment issues that [...]

Outdoor Workers Have Rights & Protections in Michigan Winter

Preventing Michigan Workers from Cold Weather Injuries Here in Michigan, there can be several days each month when temperatures will drop to 10 degrees Fahrenheit or below, presenting a potentially hazardous time for outdoor workers. For those employed by (among others) construction companies, utility agencies, delivery services, police, fire and rescue departments, workers can spend [...]

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Workplace Injuries Can Occur As a Result of Discrimination

Jackson Restaurant Said to Have Discriminated Against Pregnant Worker A well-known restaurant with locations in Jackson, Sterling Heights and Ann Arbor, has been accused of illegally firing women after it becomes known the workers are pregnant. Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse in Jackson is under closest review after complaints that managers fired an employee for being six-months pregnant [...]

Lansing Woman’s Forklift Injury Shines Light on Workplace Accidents

Lansing Woman Struck By Forklift, Injured After Being Pinned Beneath A 60-year-old woman from Lansing was recently hit by a forklift - and then pinned beneath the heavy equipment - while at her job at SA Automotive in Webberville. Another worker, a 57-year-old man, had been operating the forklift in reverse when the Powered Industrial [...]

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Older Workers at Much Higher Risk of Fatal Work Accidents

Fatal Work Accidents Higher Among Older Workers In August of 2017, the Associated Press reported that older workers are dying on the job at a higher rate than workers overall, even as the rate of workplace fatalities decreases. But as the baby boomer generation chooses to keep working beyond the age of 65 the Bureau [...]

Michigan Forklift Injuries Often the Result of Improper Training

Forklift Operators Require Safety Training To Prevent Workplace Accidents The Michigan County Sheriff's Office recently received a call regarding a 47-year-old Manton man who was involved in a forklift accident and required medical assistance. Upon their arrival, the injured man was found bleeding from the head and face. He soon let officers know he was [...]

Construction Workers Risk Their Lives Daily

Most people probably have some idea that construction is a dangerous career to pursue. The reality is that a lifetime career in construction can have serious implications for long-term health. A multi-database study indicates a 45-year construction career gives a worker a 75% chance of incurring a disabling injury, and a 1/200 chance of being [...]

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Michigan Worker’s Compensation Carriers and Companies Raking in Millions

The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) announced this week that worker’s compensation premiums are expected to drop 6.9% in 2016. This is on top of a premium decrease of 6.5% in 2015. Since 2011, when the state legislature and Governor Snyder passed and signed into law legislation that provided employers and their [...]

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