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Most Common Types of Car Accidents

most common types of car accidents

Automobile accidents happen to almost everyone at some point in our lifetime. Thankfully, most do not cause fatalities, but that doesn’t mean everyone walks away unscathed. Even minor injuries lead to significant medical expenses, lost wages, and a decreased ability to do the things you love. Becoming a skilled and attentive driver is the best way to avoid an accident, but how do you know what to look out for? This article will help you learn the most common types of car accidents, how they occur, and possible injuries they may cause.  

Single Vehicle Accident

Distracted driving, excessive speeding, mechanical failures, adverse weather conditions, or driver fatigue can cause a single vehicle accident. These pose a threat to both the driver and passenger(s). Whiplash, fractures, head trauma, lacerations, internal organ damage, and spinal cord injuries are the most common, but fatalities can occur

Where the accident occurred, what the car collided with, seatbelt usage, airbag deployment, and the vehicle’s structural integrity can significantly influence the severity of the injuries. Immediate medical attention is crucial following a single-car accident to assess and treat injuries promptly and prevent long-term complications.

Rear-End Collision

A rear-end collision occurs when one vehicle strikes another from behind. The primary cause is driver inattention, especially when following too closely. Other factors can contribute to rear-end collisions, including aggressive behavior, impaired driving, or adverse road conditions that increase stopping time or decrease visibility. Injuries resulting from rear-end collisions can vary in severity depending on the speed at impact, the vehicle size, and if the driver and passenger used safety restraints. 

Rear-end collisions can cause whiplash, neck and back injuries, head trauma, spinal cord injuries, fractures, and soft tissue damage. After a rear-end collision, seeking immediate medical attention is crucial to treat injuries and address potential long-term effects.

Head-On Collisions

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These are the most dangerous accidents, and they occur when the front ends of two vehicles traveling in opposite directions collide. The primary cause of head-on collisions is often a driver crossing the center line or mistakenly driving in the wrong direction. Driver impairment, distracted driving, fatigue, poor visibility, or aggressive passing often contribute to head-on collisions. 

Head-on collisions can be devastating and cause traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, multiple fractures, and internal organ damage. Occupants may also experience psychological trauma and emotional distress, especially if they witnessed the car approaching them. Immediate medical attention is critical to stabilize and treat the injured parties will provide the best chance of recovery. 

Side Impact Crashes

A side impact collision, or T-bone or broadside collision, occurs when the front end of one vehicle collides with the side of another. A car crash at an intersection like this can be caused by running a red light or stop sign, failure to yield, distracted driving, or impaired driving. Potential injuries can be severe due to the limited protection on the sides of vehicles compared to the front and rear. Common injuries include fractures, head injuries, neck and spinal cord injuries, chest injuries, internal organ damage, and severe bruising or contusions.

There is a risk of ejection from the vehicle or serious crush injuries if occupants are on the side of the car that was hit. People involved in side impact collisions often require immediate medical attention to address injuries and assess potential long-term effects. Rehabilitation and specialized care will likely be necessary when ejection occurs.

Low-Speed Accidents 

Low-speed accidents, typically occurring below 10 miles per hour, can result in injuries despite the slower speed. Numerous causes include driver inattention, sudden stops or accelerations, misjudgment of distances, aggressive driving, or even minor collisions while attempting to park. These incidents may result in parked car damage as well as possible injuries.

Potential injuries from low-speed accidents can range from mild to more significant. Whiplash is a common injury resulting from the sudden back-and-forth motion of the neck during impact. Strains and sprains, contusions, minor fractures, and bruises are possible. Even at lower speeds, there’s a need for a thorough medical evaluation to ensure any injuries are correctly diagnosed and treated.

Sideswipe Crashes

These accidents typically occur on multi-lane roads when one vehicle tries to enter a lane where another car is driving. One or both drivers may lose control and cause a multi-car accident. Causes include distracted driving, improper lane changes, driver fatigue, and impaired driving.

Injuries stemming from a sideswipe car accident depend on factors such as the vehicle’s speed, the angle of impact, and the use of safety features like airbags and seatbelts. Common injuries include whiplash, concussions, broken bones, bruising, cuts, and soft tissue injuries. In more severe cases, occupants may experience spinal injuries, internal organ damage, or even death. 

If You’re in One of These Most Common Types of Car Accidents, Act Quickly to Protect Your Rights

The amount of compensation is determined by many factors, including who is at fault, the amount of liability insurance they cover, the severity of your injury, how much evidence you have, and how quickly you hire an experienced car accident attorney to build your case.

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