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Parking Lot Safety During Game Day

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What to Do If Caught in a Game Day Parking Lot Accident

As fall sporting events continue to take shape, Michigan drivers need to be on alert for increased traffic congestion, drivers unfamiliar with the area, heavier pedestrian foot traffic, drunk and impaired drivers, and motor vehicle operators who are aggressive or distracted. From high school Friday night lights to the Detroit Tigers and the Lions, parking lot havoc will be at a high in Detroit the next few months. Everyone should be prepared to find themselves in high congested parking lot scenarios while waiting out entrance and exit gates or finding their perfect spot. Here is what you can do to reduce your accident risk.

First: Drive Smart

Some drivers make the mistake of traveling through areas of parking lots not designated for driving including pedestrian walkways. When this happens, it is likely they won’t see other vehicles backing in or out, or a pedestrian who is in a blind spot or being blocked by other vehicles. Drivers should keep an eye out for pedestrians at crosswalks, other cars when turning into a new parking lot lane, and for vehicles backing up or parallel parking. Operators can take these additional steps to avoid a parking lot crash:

  • Keep your driving simple, use your turn signals, and take open spaces quickly versus driving around and searching for the perfect spot.
  • Use your horn if you see other drivers, bicyclists or pedestrians participating in unsafe behaviors like texting while walking, talking on their phones or generally not paying attention. Giving a honk towards someone crossing an unsafe path while carrying a child in front of their line of sight could prevent an injury or save a life.

In general, stay alert, follow signage, keep in your lane, avoid aggressive driving behaviors, and away from distractions like your phone or eating. Always drive with two hands on the wheel and wear your seatbelt.

Second: In the Event of a Crash

If you have been injured in a parking lot auto accident, knowing what steps to take to build a successful car accident claim is a first important step to take. Here are the actions a person can take to make the most of their personal injury case.

1.    CHECK for injuries and SEEK medical attention immediately, even if you feel it is not necessary.

2.    REPORT to the police on scene and help make sure a report is completed to its entirety, with your side of the story included.

3.    GET OUT of harm’s way. This means moving cars out of traffic if told by authorities and the use of hazard lights, horns, cones, flares and/or warning triangles if available.

4.    GATHER information that might be needed later, including taking notes, pictures of vehicle damage, injuries, or the scene itself and get the names and phone numbers of witnesses.

5.    RECOGNIZE AND REPORT all symptoms of injury to your doctors in the hours and days to follow. Some motor vehicle injuries are masked by the adrenaline put out during an accident and may not be noticeable at the scene.

Third: Good luck! 

Best wishes on a safe sports season to all of your favorite Michigan teams! Whatever way you choose to participate, avoid game-day parking lot headaches by using shuttles or arriving to your location early, following traffic laws, and staying alert and sober if responsible for driving.

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