6 Steps to Victory: How to Get Money from Your Accident Injury Case

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How to Win a Michigan Accident Injury Case

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6 Steps to Winning a Car, Truck, or Motorcycle Accident Injury Case

Michigan has been fortunate to see a slight decrease in the number of traffic fatalities occurring on its roads over the past several years. However, that doesn’t mean accidents aren’t trending. In fact, 78,394 traffic related injuries were reported in Michigan in 2017.

To ensure an accident claim is necessary, those injured in an auto accident should know what steps to take to build a successful case. After taking a deep breath and attempting to stay calm, here are the steps a person can take once involved in an auto accident to make the most of their personal injury case.

  1. CHECK for injuries and SEEK medical attention immediately, even if you feel it is not necessary.
  2. REPORT to the police on scene and help make sure a police report is completed to its entirety, with your side of the story included. It is important for law enforcement to get the correct information as to how the car accident occurred.
  3. GET OUT of harm’s way. This means moving cars out of traffic if told by authorities and the use of hazard lights, horns, cones, flares and/or warning triangles if available.
  4. GATHER information that might be needed later, including taking notes, pictures of vehicle damage, injuries, or the scene itself and get the names and phone numbers of every single witness.
  5. RECOGNIZE AND REPORT all symptoms of injury to your doctors in the hours and days to follow. Some motor vehicle injuries are masked by the adrenaline put out during an accident and may not be noticeable at the scene.
  6. FOLLOW THROUGH with your doctors’ appointment and listen to their orders. Don’t miss any screenings, procedures, or treatment plans outlined for your recovery.

In addition, pulling together the information collected prior to talking with an experienced lawyer about the incident is equally important. To receive the full compensation for any type of injury, victims need all of this information and the help from an experienced legal team willing to fight. Insurance companies have professionals on their side to help them pay out as little as possible for each claim. Experienced attorneys who work for their clients will maximize fair results, so victims and their families can move on their lives.

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Don’t Forget About Michigan’s No-Fault Law

Michigan is a “no-fault” state which basically means that all parties in a car crash are eligible for benefits from their insurance companies, regardless of who caused the accident. Motorcyclists are an exception to this and are not covered under the no-fault law unless a motor vehicle like a car or truck is involved. Pedestrians and bicyclists are covered under the Michigan no-fault law so long as a motor vehicle is involved in the accident.

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