What If I'm Pulled Over With No Proof of Insurance?

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What Happens if You Get Pulled Over With No Proof of Insurance?

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What Happens if You Get Pulled with No Proof of Insurance in Michigan

Driving without insurance is against the law in the State of Michigan. Failure to have car insurance for a vehicle you own prevents you from recovering any type of compensation if you are involved in a Michigan car accident – even if the accident is not your fault. For example, if a drunk driver violently hits you, and you break your leg, you cannot collect no-fault benefits or go after the drunk driver for pain and suffering if you did not have insurance on your vehicle.

In this blog, we discuss what happens if you fail to produce proof of insurance when you are pulled over.

Michigan Law and Penalties for Driving With No Proof of Insurance

Under Michigan law, a with no proof of insurance when pulled over may have to pay a civil infraction or fine. At the time of the violation, the person will be given a citation by a police officer.

The law has changed recently on the amount of the state fine. Prior to October 1, 2012, the state fine was $200 for two consecutive years. However, that specific fine has since been eliminated. However, courts will still impose a fine for failure to present proof of insurance. Usually, the fine is only $25 if proof of insurance is provided to the court within 14 days. If no proof is provided within 14 days, however, the fine can be well over $100, depending on the jurisdiction and court.

Suppose you have been pulled over and you cannot provide proof of insurance, but you are in fact, an insured driver. You either forgot to put the insurance paperwork in your glove box or you have not yet received it in the mail. The penalties listed above may still apply to you, but you may be able to reduce the fines by providing proof of insurance within 14 days.

If you did not have insurance at the time of the ticket, but purchase insurance and provide proof of insurance within 14 days of the ticket to the court, this will help decrease the cost of the fine as well. Failure to provide proof of insurance also prevents the car owner from transferring, renewing, or replacing the plate. In addition, the car owner’s license can get suspended.

Remember, there must be active insurance on all cars, trucks, and motorcycles in Michigan. If you are caught driving without insurance, take care of the problem immediately. Go to the district court in the jurisdiction where the incident occurred and pay the fine. This will save you grief and money in the future.

Common Questions 

Given that regulations and laws tend to change over time, many people may be left with a few questions concerning what is acceptable when providing insurance information after they’ve been pulled over by an officer. Below, we answer many of these questions in order to provide Michigan residents with a better understanding of what to expect. 

What Is Michigan Proof of Insurance?

Under Michigan’s no-fault law, all drivers are required to have proof of insurance or evidence that the motor vehicle they are driving is insured. Specifically, it must verify that the driver’s vehicle is covered by personal protection insurance, third-party car insurance, and property protection insurance.

Do You Need Proof of Insurance to Register a Car?

Yes, a driver must obtain insurance in order to register their car in Michigan. They must present this proof of insurance to the Michigan Secretary of State, stating that he or she has all of the car insurance coverages required by the No-Fault insurance law.

Do You Need Proof of Insurance to Rent a Car?

No, you do not need proof of insurance to rent a car in Michigan. Most of the time, rental companies rent cars to people who do not own a car themselves, so they do not have auto insurance. However, rental companies may require you to purchase auto insurance when you rent a car from them if you do not already have it. 

Can You Show Proof of Insurance on Your Phone?

You can show proof of insurance on your phone. Michigan law allows a driver to “display an electronic copy of his or her certificate of insurance using an electronic device.” 

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