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boating accidents

Common Causes of Boating Accidents in Michigan

Life on the water is leisurely and fun and is a great way to spend time with your family in the hot summer months. Boating is such an activity that takes place on the water and is one that many enjoy both as a solo activity and with family. That being said, it can be […]

pain and suffering

How to Calculate Pain and Suffering Damages in a Detroit Personal Injury Case

If you’re wondering how to calculate pain and suffering damages, you’re in the right place. The Lee Steinberg Law Firm has helped thousands of Detroit-area clients successfully secure valuable pain and suffering damages after personal injuries. There’s no one-size fits all approach to adding up the value of pain and suffering settlements. Every situation is […]

catastrophic injury

What Is a Catastrophic Injury in Michigan?

Key Points of This Article: Defining catastrophic injuries Common types of catastrophic injuries Causes of catastrophic injuries Compensation you can recover for a catastrophic injury When a person is injured in an accident in Detroit, they would typically file a personal injury claim to recover damages such as medical expenses, loss of wages, and pain […]

person riding bike

Detroit in Top 10 Most Dangerous Big Cities for Motorcyclists

Motorcyclists are usually keenly aware of the dangers they face on the road. Riding a motorcycle is not an activity in which you can deny the potential danger. Motorcyclists trade this increased risk for the feeling of freedom they report they feel when they’re on the back of their bike. This exhilaration outweighs the risk […]

falling cargo semi tuck accident

When Falling Cargo Causes a Car Accident – Who’s Liable?

It is likely that at least once in your lifetime you have experienced driving behind a vehicle when it kicks up dirt or rocks and hits your windshield. Most of the time this does not cause any serious damage other than a small scratch on your windshield or body paint, but what if you were […]

black box recorder car accident

How Does My Car’s Black Box Affect My Michigan Car Accident Case?

Key Points of this Article: When you are involved in a car accident in Detroit, the best way to file a claim and win your case is to provide as much evidence as possible. When car accident victims want to file a claim against a guilty party, they are responsible for what is known as […]

slip and fall

What Do I Have to Prove in a Michigan Slip and Fall Case?

Detroit Slip and Fall Lawyers Slip and fall accidents occur every day in Detroit and Michigan. Often, the injuries are minor. But sometimes the injuries require extensive treatment, including physical therapy and surgery. Lost wages and medical bills can pile up from a broken arm, broken leg, damaged knee or other injuries. The injury can […]

opting out of PIP coverage

Here’s Why Opting Out of PIP Coverage Is a Bad Idea

It is well known that insurance premiums can be expensive. Today, when you purchase car insurance in Detroit or throughout Michigan, you are presented with the option of opting out of PIP coverage. In times of financial hardship, it can seem enticing to just tell your insurance agent to get you the cheapest policy, but […]

No fault benefits

Motorcycles and Michigan No-Fault Benefits

On July 1, 2020, major changes kicked in to the No-Fault law and the Detroit and Michigan car accident law. These changes directly impacted motorcycle drivers and passengers. If you are a motorcyclist in Michigan, you need to know the details of these changes and how it impacts you if you are involved in a […]