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Illegally Parked Semi-Truck Causes Fatal Kalamazoo Crash

Police Continue to Investigate Deadly Kalamazoo Crash Involving Illegally Parked Semi-Trailer As the Kalamazoo Department of Public Safety continues to release new details about the deadly accident that killed a 28-year-old male driver who crashed into a parked semi-trailer picking up vehicles from Seeyle Auto Group, investigators are yet to determine fault. KDPS Lt. Craig Hable […]

Semi-Truck Safe Driving a Growing Concern in Michigan

Michigan Police Target Semi-Truck Drivers in Summer Safe Driving Campaign Michigan State Police recently launched Operation “Summer of Semi Safe D”, a program created to crack down on risky and unsafe semi-truck drivers. State Police decided to direct the campaign after seeing an alarming 41 percent increase since 2015 in Michigan deaths involving commercial vehicles, […]

Semi-Truck Accidents: Complex and Deadly

Transporting goods and materials is no doubt a money-driven enterprise. This is why so many semi-truck drivers feel intense pressure from the companies for which they work. Tractor-trailer and trucking companies across the United States often structure processes and rewards in order to pressure drivers to make deliveries more quickly than may be feasible in […]

The Dangers of “Blowout Season”

This summer we’ve endured higher than average temperatures, as has most of the rest of the country. High heat indexes bring a number of concerns about human health and how best to stay safe during hot spells. Most people consider how to keep their children, pets, and elderly family members cool. We think about sunscreen, […]