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Most Dangerous Roads in Michigan and Congested Interstates

Most Dangerous Roads in Michigan and Congested Interstates Key Points of This Article: Most Dangerous Roads in Michigan & Dangerous Interstates Although Michigan saw fewer motor vehicles on the road in 2020, there were more traffic deaths and related injuries despite the decrease in travelers. A significant number of those crashes did occur on highways and interstates, […]

Can You Sue for Back Pain After a Car Accident?

Back pain is a common occurrence following a Michigan car accident. The impact from a rear-end collision, head-on collision or T-bone crash creates significant forces on the spine. This can result in muscle strains, muscle sprains and other forms of injury to the low back region. The pain can completely change a person’s life. When […]

Amazon Delivery and Semi-Truck Accidents in Michigan

Key Points of This Article: Truck drivers who deliver freight often work long shifts and are under a timely schedule, making fatigue and distraction common causes of accidents. Amazon semi-truck drivers are often pushed to meet delivery timelines to support the online retailer’s demanding purchasing schedule.   Several factors contribute to Amazon semi-truck driver accidents […]

The Impact of I-94 Car Accidents on Michigan Drivers

Key Points of This Article: Interstate driving accidents often occur because drivers are distracted, lousy weather, speeding OR they are following the vehicle in front of them too closely. Nearly 40% of all fatal Michigan car crashes occur on Michigan highways and interstates including, I-96, I-75, and I-94, according to Michigan Traffic Crash Facts.  I-94 […]

Commercial Truck Accidents and Proving Truck Driver Negligence

Synopsis Weighing 80,000 lbs. compared to a passenger vehicle’s 5,000 lbs., semi-trucks are bigger, heavier, and much more challenging to control and stop than any other car or truck on the road. Commercial truck drivers work long shifts under a timely schedule to ensure deliveries. Fatigue and distraction too quickly settle in. In an attempt […]

I-94 Semi Truck Crash Near Detroit Proves Deadly

Synopsis On the afternoon of March 7, a semi-truck operator fatally rear-ended a driver in Metro Detroit’s St. Clair Shore area. The crash triggered multiple injuries to other highway travelers when the semi-truck also rolled atop two other vehicles. The 31-year-old driver of the 2006 Peterbilt told police he simply could not stop in time […]