10 Dangerous bridges in Michigan That Can Increase Accident Risk

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The 10 Most Dangerous Bridges in Michigan That Require Repairs

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The 10 Most Dangerous Bridges in Michigan That Require Repairs

In early 2019, the historic Mackinac Bridge was closed due to a multi-car crash that included large SUVs, campers, cars, vehicles pulling boats, and semi-trucks. The Luce County Sheriff’s Department says winter weather conditions were to blame. While Michigan’s seasonal patterns can create its own roadway challenges, bridge repair deficiencies can also be marked as reasons for the multiple accident chaos and bottleneck-traffic-related accidents and motorists’ injuries reported across the state’s 11,180 bridges each year. Aiding to motor vehicle accident risks on bridges is the lacking structural components on the passes. These include unkept cracks, concrete and blacktop damage, unrepaired wear, or other problems that if not monitored or fixed, could become worse and lead to tragic accidents and lifelong injuries. Deficient bridges can also quickly accumulate extra road hazards such as black ice, snow drifts, and rain mixed with debriswhen not regularly maintained, making it easy for negligent drivers who choose to speed or drive distracted at greater risk of causing a deadly accident.

Supported by data released in 2018 by the Federal Highway Administration, a bridge report prepared by the American Road & Transportation Builders Association identified more than 10 percent (1,175) of Michigan’s bridges to be deemed “structurally deficient,” meaning they need repairs.

10 most traveled and dangerous bridges in Michigan rated as structurally deficient sit in Wayne County and include:

  1. Second Boulevard over I-96 in Wayne County
  • 146,000 crossings each day
  1. M-39 over Rouge River in Wayne County
  • 114,656 crossings each day
  1. I-75 over Rouge River, Dearborn Street and railroad
  • 100,492 crossings each day
  1. I-75 over Fort Street in Wayne County
  • 100,492 crossings each day
  1. I-94 over Portage Road in Kalamazoo County
  • 69,260 crossings each day
  1. M-102/8 Mile Road over I-75 in Wayne County
  • 68,056 crossings each day
  1. I-75 southbound over M-150/Rochester Road in Oakland County
  • 65,985 crossings each day
  1. I-94 westbound over Ecorse Road in Wayne County
  • 65,737 crossings each day
  1. I-94 over Conrail & Grand River in Jackson County
  • 64,800 crossings each day
  1. US-24 Telegraph Road over Rouge River in Wayne County
  • 63,820 crossings each day

According to the report, Michigan is ranked 16th in the country in highest percentage of bridges deemed to be in poor condition and 18th highest based on the actual number of such bridges. 63 of these bridges see high volume, heavy traffic being located on an interstate highway system and may cross with several other dangerous intersections and crossroads across the state, making them some of the most dangerous bridges in Michigan.  Avoid putting yourself and others at risk of accident and serious personal injury by using good driver judgement, slowing down and staying alert while driving across a bridge.

Motor Vehicle Accidents Leave Lasting Impacts on Michigan Families

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