Detroit Ranks A Top 10 City For Dog Attacks On Postal Workers

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Detroit Ranks As A Top 10 City For Michigan Dog Attacks On Postal Workers

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Key Points of This Article:

  • The U.S. Postal Service has ranked Detroit in the top 10 cities for dog attacks on its workers, including anything from harmful nips to all-out attacks that cause severe and lasting injuries.
  • In Detroit, the count of dog attacks has been rising, increasing 35% from 2019 when postal carriers reported 26 dog attacks in the city.
  • Dog bites and dog attacks can be highly traumatic events that leave permanent scarring, nerve damage, medical bills, emotional turmoil, and lost wages.
  • Most dog attack cases in Michigan involve actual dog bites that leave scars and other injuries to the dog bite victim. However, individuals can also recover from injuries in dog attack cases where the victim was not bit but harmed in other ways.

Dog Attacks on Detroit Postal Workers Have Increased 35% Since 2019

Most dogs are intelligent and loyal pets, earning them the reputation and title of “man’s best friend.” But owning a dog carries great legal responsibility for Michigan dog owners to keep others safe from dog bites and dog attacks.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) says there are about 4.7 million dog bites, or one in every 69 people each year in the U.S. And, unfortunately, Michigan frequently ranks in the top 10 states for reporting a high number of dog attacks and dog bites. And now, the U.S. Postal Service announced its 2020 ranking for dog attacks on postal employees. Detroit (tied with San Diego) earned the No. 10 community in its top 10 cities list. The recorded events may have included anything from smaller bites to major attacks causing severe injury.

The Postal Service report revealed:

  • Nationwide, dog attacks on postal employees are up slightly, with 5,856 attacks reported in 2020, compared with 5,803 in 2019.
  • The number of dog bites and dog attacks in Detroit is also rising, increasing 35% from 2019 when postal carriers reported 26 dog attacks in the city.
  • According to Postal Service data, Detroit tied with San Diego for No. 10, with 35 dog attacks reported in each city in 2020. 
  • According to Postal Service data, cities in Michigan with the high dog attacks also include Flint, Grand Rapids, Royal Oak, Saginaw, Battle Creek, and Jackson.

Individuals in these situations, including postal workers, can request legal help from a Michigan dog bite lawyer to recover damages and obtain compensation for their injuries from the dog’s owner under the Michigan dog bite law. The strict liability statute law prompts owners and keeps them accountable in ensuring that their dog is leashed correctly and kept from the free range of neighbors, pedestrians, bicyclists, workers, guests, and others. A person can also bring a lawsuit under the Michigan dog bite statute, MCL 287.351, in an unprovoked attack.

What To Do If You Have Been Bit or Attacked by A Dog in Michigan

If you find yourself attacked or bitten by a dog, follow these steps to ensure your best chance for physical, mental, and financial recovery. And always reach out and request a free dog attack legal consultation with a Detroit Michigan dog bite lawyer at Lee Steinberg Law Firm. We promise, what you may not already know, will help you in some way.

  1. Call for help. The police will make sure animal control is aware of the attack and document it with local public health offices to ensure the dog is no longer dangerous. If your injuries are severe enough, first responders can be called and provide the immediate help you may require to make the best recovery.
  2. Provide all the information requested. The police will also take statements of those involved, including the dog’s owner, bystanders such as neighbors, and create an official report with information specifically about the dog (age, breed, name, history of dog bites, health, etc.) and its owner.
  3. Seek a medical evaluation. Dog bite injuries may include puncture wounds, broken bones, facial injuries, painful and disfiguring scars, and deadly infections. In addition, nearly one out of every five dog bites will cause a bacterial infection, such as: 
  1. Rabies
  2. Capnocytophaga 
  3. Pasteurella 
  4. MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) 
  5. Tetanus 
  6. Keep injury notes. Document any pain, medications, medical visits and procedures, and disruptions to your daily activities, family life, and employment due to the dog bite or dog attack. Take photographs of your injuries and any scarring of your injuries or as a result of treatments.
  7. Consult with a Detroit Michigan dog bite attorney. Even if you are still healing or unsure of your chances of winning a claim, call 1-800-LEE-FREE for legal support. The amount of compensation you can expect from a dog bite attack depends on the severity of the injuries, the level of scarring, if the injuries are permanent, the number and added expenses of medical bills, wage loss, and other factors. The amount of homeowner’s insurance the dog owner carries is also an essential factor that shouldn’t be overlooked.

The Lee Steinberg Law Firm has been there for thousands of Michigan dog bite victims, and our lawyers are often their only support during this difficult time. This includes representing utility workers, postal workers, package delivery drivers, neighbors, bus drivers, infants, toddlers, school-aged children, parents, and vulnerable populations. We have helped our clients recover millions for medical bills, puncture wounds, bone fractures, scarring, nerve damage, facial trauma, emotional stressors, and pain and suffering caused by dog attacks and dog bites.

Helping Michiganders Recover from Dog Attack and Dog Bite Injuries

If you were injured by a dog in Detroit or anywhere else in Michigan, the dog owner could be responsible for paying money damages. Our Michigan personal injury attorneys at Lee Steinberg Law Firm have been representing and winning claims for individuals attacked by dogs for over 40 years in cities like DetroitFlint, and Saginaw.

Please call our Michigan dog bite lawyers at 1-800-LEE-FREE (1-800-533-3733) as soon as you are ready. You pay nothing until we settle your dog bite case.

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