Accidents Jump in Macomb County Due to Road Construction Delays

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Macomb County Sees Rise in Accidents on I-696 Due to Road Construction

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Accidents Jump in Macomb County Due to Road Construction Delays

A series of traffic issues have aligned with road construction delays in Macomb County prompting city officials to call on Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder to declare a state of emergency. Officials in Warren say the issues are in direct relation to the stall in I-696 road construction which is creating serious public safety problems for the 150,000 motorists who travel the impacted roadways daily. The interstate work between I-94 and I-75 has been shut down and more than 150 road projects in southeast Michigan have been partially halted in a labor dispute between the Michigan Infrastructure and Transportation Association and the Operating Engineers Local 324.

A report from Warren Police Commissioner associates these issues with motorists seeking alternate routes creating new congested areas, including backups and bottlenecks where traffic typically flows easy. The police report also cites a 27 percent jump in motor vehicle accidents the last four months compared to 2017.

While You Wait for Road Construction Projects to Complete, Travel with Caution 

Until these known hazardous, partially finished roads are complete, drivers who are moving through the congested traffic arteries and backed up construction zones, need to do all they can to reduce their accident risk. Simply by acting as a courteous driver, slowing down and staying alert to any hazards or changes in traffic patterns present as good starts. It’s also a good time to review our safe driving tips for novice and experienced drivers alike traveling through a construction route or in any area where a change in traffic patterns is present.

  1. Always use your turn signal before changing lanes.
  2. In a multi-lane road, highway or freeway, the left lane is the passing lane.
  3. Always obey traffic laws, never drink alcohol or use drugs, and always wear a safety belt. Children should be in the right size child seat.
  4. Do not use cruise control when passing a vehicle.
  5. Do not stop at the end of on-ramps; merge with the flow of traffic.
  6. Distractions kill. Texting, talking on the phone, eating, drinking, or reaching for items in the backseat will distract a driver. And remember, it is illegal to text and drive in Michigan!
  7. Tailgating greatly reduces your reaction time and increases the likelihood of a collision upon sudden stops.
  8. Turn off high beams when you see oncoming traffic.
  9. Aggressive and irresponsible driving will only create more danger. Keep yourself calm by listening to music you enjoy or an audiobook, and practice deep breathing and refocus your energy on driving safe.
  10. Follow all detour signage and construction zone traffic laws.

Michigan is a “no-fault” state. This means all parties in a motor vehicle crash are eligible for benefits from their insurance companies, regardless of who caused the accident. Motorcyclists are an exception to the law and are not covered unless a motor vehicle like a car or truck is involved.

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