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black box recorder car accident

How Does My Car’s Black Box Affect My Michigan Car Accident Case?

Key Points of this Article: What black boxes are Where you can find your vehicle’s black box What data a black box can provide How a black box can affect your accident case When you are involved in a car accident in Detroit, the best way to file a claim and win your case is […]

slip and fall

What Do I Have to Prove in a Michigan Slip and Fall Case?

Detroit Slip and Fall Lawyers Slip and fall accidents occur every day in Detroit and Michigan. Often, the injuries are minor. But sometimes the injuries require extensive treatment, including physical therapy and surgery. Lost wages and medical bills can pile up from a broken arm, broken leg, damaged knee or other injuries. The injury can […]

opting out of PIP coverage

Here’s Why Opting Out of PIP Coverage Is a Bad Idea

It is well known that insurance premiums can be expensive. Today, when you purchase car insurance in Detroit or throughout Michigan, you are presented with the option of opting out of PIP coverage. In times of financial hardship, it can seem enticing to just tell your insurance agent to get you the cheapest policy, but […]

Motorcycles and Michigan No-Fault Benefits

On July 1, 2020, major changes kicked in to the No-Fault law and the Detroit and Michigan car accident law. These changes directly impacted motorcycle drivers and passengers. If you are a motorcyclist in Michigan, you need to know the details of these changes and how it impacts you if you are involved in a […]

delivery truck accident detroit

Know What to Do if You Are in a Car Accident with a Delivery Truck in Detroit

Over the last five years, there’s been a significant increase in the number of packages people receive from delivery trucks, which means more people are getting into accidents with delivery trucks in Detroit. More and more people rely on delivery truck services like Amazon, UPS and FedEx to receive essential items, non-essential items, and even […]

no fault benefits pedestrian accident

Who Pays Your No-Fault Benefits if you are a Pedestrian in an Accident?

Key Points of This Article: Injured pedestrians in Detroit and Michigan can seek benefits through their own no-fault insurance coverage. Pedestrians that do not have auto insurance can still get coverage for their injuries and other damages. Further compensation can be pursued by filing a lawsuit against the negligent party responsible for the accident. Being […]

Detroit nursing home abuse

Michigan Nursing Home Bill of Rights and Nursing Home Abuse

Putting a loved one in a nursing home is a difficult decision. You want them to have the independence and life they once had, but understand that due to advancing age and medical ailments this is not possible. Unfortunately, Detroit nursing home abuse does happen, and it’s important to know your rights and be able […]

sciatic nerve damage car accident

Sciatic Nerve Damage From a Detroit Car Accident

Key Points of This Article: Car accidents are a common cause of sciatica. Sciatic nerve damage from a Detroit car accident can range from mild to severe. Severe sciatica can lead to complications such as permanent nerve damage and loss of feeling in the legs. If you suffer from sciatica, a personal injury attorney can […]

Michigan Supreme Court to Review Slip and Fall “Open and Obvious”

Contrary to popular opinion, slip and fall cases are not easy to pursue in Michigan. This is especially true for slip and fall injuries that occur due to snow and ice. Even the most skilled Detroit and Michigan snow and ice accident lawyers have trouble pursuing cases due to the present law.  What is an […]