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Eric Roberts

Michigan Requirements for Uber and Lyft Drivers

The predecessor of Lyft was founded in 2007, while Uber launched in 2009. Since these two companies hit the scene, Ridesharing has changed how we do things. Denver Nicks wrote in a 2014 TIME article, “Uber, Lyft and other ridesharing services are often framed as alternatives to taxis. But the reality in most of America, […]

detroit slip and fall

6 Common Detroit Slip and Fall Questions

Slip and fall injuries in Detroit happen every day and sometimes the property owner is negligent and a slip and fall lawyer is needed. But trip and fall cases depend on a number of different factors. They are not simple cases. To get full compensation for your injuries, you need strong legal representation who knows […]

stairway slip and fall

Compensation for Stairway Slip and Fall Accidents in Detroit

Key Points of This Article: A slip and fall accident can happen almost anywhere. Essentially, anywhere there is a hazard that causes someone to slip or trip and then fall is considered a slip and fall accident. It is quite common for these types of accidents to occur on stairways or in stairwells on private, […]

medical malpractice michigan

Court Finds Case is Medical Malpractice Claim, Not Loss-of-Opportunity Case

The law in Michigan for medical malpractice cases is not easy. Injured victims and their families must overcome many obstacles. Medical malpractice lawyers must retain experts before the lawsuit is even filed. The cases themselves are very expensive to pursue and there are caps on non-economic losses, like pain and suffering. That is why you […]

store slip and fall accidents

What Is a Store’s Liability for Slip and Fall Accidents?

Key Points of This Article: Slip and fall accidents are common and can lead to serious injuries that require hospitalization. Stores can be held liable for a slip and fall accident. Holding a store liable and proving they were negligent can be challenging and requires the help of an attorney. Most people don’t tend to […]

boating accidents

Common Causes of Boating Accidents in Michigan

Life on the water is leisurely and fun and is a great way to spend time with your family in the hot summer months. Boating is such an activity that takes place on the water and is one that many enjoy both as a solo activity and with family. That being said, it can be […]

pain and suffering

How to Calculate Pain and Suffering Damages in a Detroit Personal Injury Case

If you’re wondering how to calculate pain and suffering damages, you’re in the right place. The Lee Steinberg Law Firm has helped thousands of Detroit-area clients successfully secure valuable pain and suffering damages after personal injuries. There’s no one-size fits all approach to adding up the value of pain and suffering settlements. Every situation is […]

catastrophic injury

What Is a Catastrophic Injury in Michigan?

Key Points of This Article: Defining catastrophic injuries Common types of catastrophic injuries Causes of catastrophic injuries Compensation you can recover for a catastrophic injury When a person is injured in an accident in Detroit, they would typically file a personal injury claim to recover damages such as medical expenses, loss of wages, and pain […]