Road Rage Definition and How to Prove It Caused Your Accident

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Road Rage Definition and How to Prove It Caused Your Detroit Accident

road rage definition

Road rage incidents have increased across the U.S. recently, and Detroit and Michigan are no exception. Police departments across the state have been reporting rising acts of rage and even extreme violence on the roads, and the issue doesn’t seem to be slowing down. The road rage definition in Michigan is clear as you will read in this blog, but it can be difficult to prove which is why you will need an expert Michigan road rage attorney to help prove your case.

Since the pandemic, tensions have been running high, and driving is one thing that can add stress to a person. So it’s important to give yourself more time when going out so you don’t feel as stressed when something causes a delay, like traffic.

Trying to reason with someone experiencing road rage is difficult, and your safety should be your priority. After the police have filed a report, an attorney can help you file a car accident claim to ensure you win your case and get the compensation you deserve.

Road Rage Definition: What is Road Rage?

The law defines road rage as operating a vehicle in an unsafe and aggressive manner likely to endanger another person or property. This is often combined with road rage being a deliberate intent to harm, intimidate, or cause fear.

Road rage is essentially an intentional act; therefore, someone can be held liable if they exhibit it, especially if the incident causes an accident and injuries.

Common examples of road rage include:

  • Cursing at other drivers
  • Tailgating
  • Purposely failing to yield the right of way
  • Cutting other drivers off
  • Trying to force other drivers off the road
  • Brake checking
  • Flashing headlights
  • Weaving in and out of traffic
  • Using obscene hand gestures

Is Road Rage a Criminal Offense?

Michigan does not have specific laws regarding road rage, but they do have laws against aggressive driving that endanger the safety of others. If a driver exhibits road rage, they could be charged with reckless driving or assault.

How to Deal With Road Rage

The best way to deal with road rage is not engaging. If a driver is exhibiting aggressive behavior towards you or another driver, it is best to avoid them and report them as soon as you can safely do so.

Responding to or engaging with an aggressive driver exhibiting road rage will likely worsen the situation. If you can avoid the aggressive driver and get away from them, that is best. But if they have already caused an accident and harmed you, call the police and wait calmly for them to arrive to de-escalate the situation.

The following safety tips are recommended when dealing with aggressive drivers:

  1. Do not respond or reciprocate the aggressive behavior
  2. Remain calm
  3. Be patient and courteous
  4. Do not get out of your car
  5. Call 911

How to Prove Fault in a Detroit Road Rage Accident

If another driver exhibits road rage and causes an accident and injuries in Detroit, then you may be able to sue them for the damages they have caused you, such as pain & suffering, emotional distress, and even your medical bills if they are not covered by your PIP no-fault benefits.

However, if you intend to file a claim against another driver for road rage and aggressive driving, you must provide substantial evidence to prove they were at fault for what happened. These cases can sometimes lead to criminal prosecution, complicating the case.

So, in addition to gathering evidence, you would benefit from hiring a Michigan personal injury attorney who can protect your rights and help you navigate the complex legal processes. Your attorney can also help you obtain evidence so they can build a solid case to support your claim and need for compensation.

Such evidence that can be used to prove fault in a Detroit road rage accident can include:

  • Police reports
  • Video surveillance footage
  • Dashcam footage
  • Photos and videos from a cell phone
  • Eye witness statements
  • Doctors’ statements
  • Other medical evidence to show you were injured

The Lee Steinberg Law Firm: Helping Victims of Road Rage Accidents

If you or a loved one have been the victim of a road rage incident, the team at Lee Steinberg Law Firm can help you get the compensation you deserve. We care about the safety of our clients and will fight hard to protect your rights and ensure the responsible party is held accountable for their actions.

Call our Detroit road rage lawyers at 1-800-LEE-FREE (1-800-533-3733) to speak with an experienced attorney or request your free consultation here. You’ll pay nothing until we settle your road rage case.