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Michigan Appeals Court Finds Walkway Not Fit For Intended Use in Landlord-Tenant Injury Case

Michigan Landlord-Tenant Law - A Win for the Injured Party The Michigan Court of Appeals issued an important ruling on landlord-tenant personal injury cases. The case, Estate of Daniel Trueblood v. P&G Apartments, LLC, (docket no. 340642 published on 3/12/2019), could have far reaching implications as it may allow injured tenants to pursue cases for [...]

Court of Appeals Rules for Plaintiff in Multiple Michigan Car Accident Pain and Suffering Cases

Michigan Pain and Suffering Accident Cases Examined Over the past few months, the Michigan Court of Appeals has ruled on a number of cases involving pain and suffering claims resulting from a Michigan car crash. Under Michigan law, so long as another driver is at least 50% at fault for causing an accident, the plaintiff [...]

Court of Appeals Hold Plaintiffs Can Pursue Pain and Suffering Claim Following Michigan Car Accident

When Can an Accident Victim Receive Pain and Suffering Compensation? Our law office of Michigan car accident injury lawyers gets calls every day from individuals injured in a car accident. Many have very good questions about how the process works and whether they can get money for what they go through. What most people don’t [...]

What Do I Have To Prove In My Detroit Car Accident Injury Case?

Detroit Pain and Suffering Injury Cases Getting compensation following a car accident is not easy. Contrary to what people are told or mistakenly think, just because you are involved in a Michigan car wreck does not mean you get money. There are a number of elements one must prove before receiving compensation from the insurance [...]

Should I Disclose My Accident Claim In Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy and Accident Injury Claims Sometimes the financial pitfalls of life become too much. With mounting credit card bills, car payments, outstanding rent or unpaid mortgage bills, as well as other debts, the ability to make payments becomes impossible and the mountain of debt becomes crushing. When this occurs, bankruptcy can be a viable option [...]

Dismissal Upheld in Young Boy’s Saginaw Slip and Fall Case

Saginaw Slip and Fall Injury Lawyers Winning a Michigan slip and fall case is not easy. Property owners have a slew of defenses they can use to get even “easy cases” dismissed. One would think that a property owner should have a responsibility to keep their premises in reasonable condition and maintain a safe environment [...]

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Michigan Legislature Attacks No-Fault Law During Lame Duck

No-Fault Law Under Attack The Michigan legislature is making a last second run to dismantle the Michigan no-fault automobile law during the last week of this year’s tumultuous and controversial lame duck session. The Michigan legislature has already passed a number of controversial bills this lame duck season. In fact, Governor Snyder may end up [...]

SB 1017 Passes Senate in Lame Duck – Seeks to Grant Immunity to All Premises Owners and Landlords

Harmful Bill Passes Through Michigan Senate If you think the pot holes and roads are bad now, just wait if Senate Bill 1017 becomes law. Passed out of the Republican controlled state Senate during the lame duck session today without any hearings, discussions or fanfare, SB 1017 acts to codify the “open and obvious” rule [...]

Court of Appeals Sides with Wayne County Car Accident Victims

Threshold Injuries Back in the News The Michigan Court of Appeals issued a decision last week on a Wayne County auto accident collision involving two plaintiffs. In Ali v. Clark, docket no. 339102, unpublished 10/16/2018, two people were injured in a car wreck in Wayne County. Following the accident, the individuals sued for compensation resulting [...]

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Shiawassee County Man Obtains $1,000,000 Settlement Following Car Accident

Owosso and Corunna Car Accident Injury Lawyers The Law Offices of Lee Steinberg is pleased to report a $1,000,000 settlement for a Shiawassee County man who was severely injured in a horrible car wreck. The accident resulted when a commercial vehicle disregarded a stop sign, causing the vehicle to strike our client’s car. Our client [...]