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Michigan C-Section Error Lawyers

When a fetus is in distress, the clock is running. Medical professionals must take prompt action to prevent the permanent injury or death of the baby or mother.  A caesarean section birth may be the only way to avoid a bad outcome.

Obstetricians are trained to cope with emergency situations and complex births. Yet they can fail to treat patients according to accepted standards of care. Their negligence can have life-altering consequences, including permanent brain damage from lack of oxygen, cerebral palsy and death.

Most birth injuries occur because of an obstetrician’s “failure to perform timely C-section” despite risk factors observable in prenatal care or during labor:

  • Oversized fetus (when a baby is obviously too big)
  • Failure of dilation to progress once labor has started
  • Lack of oxygen during labor or delivery
  • Fetal distress

If you feel your child suffers from a serious injury due to a failure to timely perform a c-section and wish to bring a legal action to compensate your child for their physical and emotional damages please call:

1-800-533-3733 (1-800-LEE-FREE)

The initial consultation is free of charge and we work on a contingency fee basis, which means we get paid only if you receive a monetary award.  We have handled numerous cases involving injuries to infants and we can answer your questions in this area.