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Michigan Shoulder Dystocia Lawyers

Shoulder dystocia occurs in thousands of deliveries each year and can cause serious birth injuries if not properly addressed. Shoulder dystocia occurs when an infant’s shoulder becomes caught on its mother’s pubic bone during a vaginal delivery. To dislodge the baby’s shoulder, medical staff must be prepared to perform certain maneuvers or interventions to free the newborn in a safe and timely manner.

Shoulder dystocia can be anticipated, and in many cases is preventable, if a mother’s risk factors are addressed early.  Some risk factors for shoulder dystocia include high birth rate babies, gestational diabetes, excessive weight gain or obesity during pregnancy, short maternal stature, or a mother with a history of having large babies.

If undetected, shoulder dystocias can result in a number of different injuries in newborns including:

  • Birth Hypoxia
  • Brachial Plexus Injuries
  • Fractures to the baby’s clavicle bone (collar bone)
  • Fetal Death

If any of these high risk factors exist, a delivery involving a shoulder dystocia can be prevented by scheduling a casesarean section.

If you feel your child suffers from a serious injury such as shoulder dystocia and wish to bring a legal action to compensate your child for their physical and emotional damages, please call:

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