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Spike in Detroit Reckless Driving Prompts Thousands of Speed Hump Requests

In the past few years, Detroit’s reckless driving epidemic has worsened significantly. Police have given over 83,500 tickets this year so far, an increase of 50% since 2016. The Department of Public Works is overloaded with speed hump requests, and there are too few police officers available to prevent widespread reckless driving. If you live […]

5 Driving Risks That Target Teen Drivers Deadliest Days

Key Points of This Article: According to University of Michigan researchers, distracted driving crashes now tally twice as high as drunk driving accidents across the state. Sixteen- and 17-year-old drivers have the highest crash rates of any age group, and Michigan drivers under age 21 are three times as likely to get in a crash […]

Michigan Car Accident Lawyers – Winter Driving and Special Dangers

Driving on Michigan roadways in winter is not easy. Besides the usual traffic congestion, drivers throughout the state have other factors to contend with. This includes an increase in nighttime driving – and with that less visibility – as the days shorten. But most importantly, snow and ice on the roadways, in particular black ice, […]

Safe Driving Checklist for Michigan Families with School-Age Children

Key Points of This Article: The most common causes of school zone crashes are attributed to failure to control speed, driver inattention and distractions, and failure to yield right of way. Child pedestrians injured or killed in Michigan traffic accidents during the schoolyear most often occur in Detroit’s urban communities. Lack of school zone or […]

How To Completely Change Your Drowsy Driving Habits

Key Points in This Article: Driving tired can be just as dangerous as driving drunk, and over half of these types of crashes involve deadly head-on collisions. Driving while sleepy only exacerbates bad driver behaviors such as being easily distracted and not being able to react in time to prevent a crash. From 2016-2017, 1,352 Michiganders […]

10 Ways to Prevent Winter Driving Accidents

Messy Winter Accidents Remind Michigan Drivers to Clean Up Driving Skills Winter-related driving accidents are happening across the state, some resulting in deadly outcomes for drivers, passengers, and even pedestrians. In Monroe County, one driver died in a two-vehicle accident involving a semi-truck. A drunk driver took the life of a crash survivor in a […]

Time Around the Holidays is a Hotbed for Drunk Driving & Other Risky Behaviors

Michigan Traffic Fatalities Doubled Over 2018 Holiday Season Operation C.A.R.E. (Crash Awareness and Reduction Efforts) is a national safe driving campaign aimed at reducing traffic crashes and fatalities on U.S. highways and is led by state and highway patrol agencies from all 50 states. The lifesaving program began in 1977 as a collaborative effort between […]

5 Different Driving Errors Exemplified By Michigan Accidents

5 Michigan Accidents Caused by Common Driver Errors Motor vehicle crashes that cause tragedy and hardship for the families of those killed and painful, lifelong injuries for survivors create havoc on Michigan’s city streets and highways each day. In 2017, traffic crash data provided by Michigan State Police (MSP) tallied 1,028 motor vehicle fatalities and […]

9 Driving Tips to Make it Through the Commute Safely

Detroit Commuters Face Longer Drive Times Than Most of U.S. A study led by found the average American works about 45 years of their life with a 52-minute commute each day. That equals out to 408 days sitting behind the wheel in traffic, adding riskier time on the road spent with reckless or distracted […]

Road Rage Incidents Underscore the Dangers of Driving

Dealing with Road Rage  You may have caught the recent viral video of an irate driver who smashed in the windows of a Greyhound bus before attempting to run over the man operating the bus several times with her vehicle. The incident occurred in the middle of a busy D.C. intersection while several bystanders attempted […]