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Will Breed-Specific Bans Get Banned in Michigan?

The Michigan House of Representatives is currently considering a bill that would prevent all of the state’s communities from banning specific dog breed through ordinance. It’s an impassioned debate, with concerned residents worried about data that shows pit bulls are responsible for over 80% of dog bite-related deaths. On the other side of the fence [...]

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Innocent 4 Year-Old Boy Mauled By Pit Bulls

Detroit Dog Bite Lawyers A tragic absolutely horrible dog bite attack occurred in Detroit this afternoon. While a 4 year-old boy and his mother were walking to volunteer at a local school, it appears a group of four pit bulls escaped from a fenced-in yard, grabbed the boy, and pulled him away from his mother. [...]

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7 Ways to Avoid a Dog Bite

Dog bites and dog attacks are extremely scary and traumatic events. Approaching and handling dogs in a smart, deliberate manner can mean the difference between serious personal injury and walking away unscathed. The Michigan dog bite lawyers at the Law Offices of Lee Steinberg bring you 7 ways to avoid a dog bite. 1. Don’t [...]

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Michigan Dog Bite Law – Dog Bite Laws

A dog bite or dog attack is a scary event. The dog bite itself is terrifying and the resulting injuries can be permanent, both physically and mentally. Medical bills and lost wages can pile up and sometimes you feel helpless to control the situation. However, you can take control. In Michigan, when a dog bite [...]

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