Michigan Supreme Court Upholds Favorable Ruling for Tenant – Hendrix v. Lautrec, Ltd.

Michigan Supreme Court Ruling Sets Positive Precedent for Injured Tenants The Michigan Supreme Court issued an interesting ruling late last week when it decided not to accept an application to hear a landlord-tenant personal injury case that began in Oakland County. The decision had been eagerly anticipated by many lawyers who specialize in Michigan slip [...]

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Michigan Appeals Court Finds Walkway Not Fit For Intended Use in Landlord-Tenant Injury Case

Michigan Landlord-Tenant Law - A Win for the Injured Party The Michigan Court of Appeals issued an important ruling on landlord-tenant personal injury cases. The case, Estate of Daniel Trueblood v. P&G Apartments, LLC, (docket no. 340642 published on 3/12/2019), could have far reaching implications as it may allow injured tenants to pursue cases for [...]

Common Causes of Personal Injury Due to Landlord Negligence

Landlord-Tenant Personal Injury Lawyers The landlord negligence injury attorneys at the Law Offices of Lee Steinberg represent tenants and their guests all over Michigan who have been injured due to the negligence of a landlord or their property management company. These cases are different than standard slip-and-fall or other negligence cases. Tenants are specifically protected [...]

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The Law Offices of Lee Steinberg 2018 Year In Review

2018 Case Review and Large Settlements Represented by The Law Offices of Lee Steinberg, P.C. As we welcome 2019 with reading cheer and more educational posts for our blog followers, we also wanted to take a few minutes to review a few personal injury cases that ended in great favor for several of our clients [...]

Business Establishments and Home Owners Have a Responsibility to Clean Up Their Leaves

Fallen Leaves Could Mask Slip and Fall Hazards October has brought wind and slightly chillier temperatures than normal, so the green leaves made their turn to that beautiful orange, red and yellow a bit quicker than Michigan’s normal foliage peaks. But even if you missed your favorite ride to view the changing trees, you may [...]

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Michigan Landlord-Tenant Personal Injury – Thompson v. Gibson

The Court of Appeals recently ruled in favor of a tenant in a Michigan slip and fall case from Livingston County. In Thompson v. Gibson, docket no. 333733 (unpublished, 8/8/2017), a man was injured while sweeping the back deck of a house he rented when the railing gave way. As a result of his fall, [...]

What are a Landlord’s Maintenance Responsibilities to a Renter?

MAINTAINING RENTAL PROPERTY: WHO IS RESPONSIBLE? It is in your best interest to be a good tenant if you plan on creating a happy and healthy home for yourself while in a property rental agreement. Knowing when you are responsible for maintenance and repairs and starting a discussion with your landlord can help with that. [...]

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