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Sterling Heights Car Accident Lawyer

sterling heights car accident lawyer
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If you live in Sterling Heights and are dealing with the aftermath of a car accident, our Sterling Heights personal injury lawyers can help. We’ve represented Macomb County residents following a car wreck for decades. We  know what it takes to help our clients win their cases and recover the compensation they need to help pay for their injuries and other losses.

Sterling Heights is a popular city in Michigan, often boasting of being one of the safest and most affordable places to live in the entire state. It is also one of the core suburbs of Detroit and is the fourth largest city in all of Michigan.

However, as a bustling and thriving city in the Detroit Metro area, Sterling Heights is no stranger to traffic congestion. Car accidents can often occur with so many people coming and going through the area.

Types of Sterling Heights Car Accident Claims We Can Help With

Our law firm handles a variety of Michigan car accident cases in and around the Sterling Heights area, some of which include the following:

Head-On Collisions

Head-on collisions are often some of the most devastating types of accidents. In these cases, there is usually significant car damage, and the drivers and passengers often suffer an injury However, if you or a loved one, are the victim of a head-on collision in the Sterling Heights area, our team can help. We’ll investigate the case to determine fault, gather evidence, file all necessary paperwork, and ensure you are fully and fairly compensated for your losses.

Drunk Driving Accidents

Drunk driving accidents in Michigan can result in severe injuries. They are emotionally distressing and traumatic, especially if they result in fatalities. Our Sterling Heights car accident lawyers will do everything we can to help when you file a drunk driving accident claim. We can handle all the legal matters for you and ensure the drunk driver is held responsible so you can focus on moving on with your life.T-Bone Accidents

T-Bone Accidents

Next to head-on collisions, t-bone accidents are one of the worst kinds of accidents. While the front and back of a vehicle are built to withstand more impact, the sides of a vehicle are not. As a resultthe damage and injuries can be catastrophic. If you need help with your Michigan t-bone accident claim, don’t hesitate to contact our team of skilled Michigan trial lawyers for assistance.

The injuries you can sustain after a car accident vary greatly depending on many factors, such as your health and physical condition before the accident, what kind of accident you got into, and how severe the car accident was.

For a fender bender, you may only walk away with minor bumps and bruises. Sometimes even these low impact crashes can result in severe low back pain and neck pain More severe crashes can result in a trip to the ER and extensive medical treatment.

Some of the most common injuries that we see after car accidents include:

You can even suffer psychological injuries after a car accident, such as PTSD, concussion, depression, anxiety, and emotional distress. Our Sterling Heights personal injury attorneys at the Lee Steinberg Law Firm have handled cases involving numerous injuries, including wrongful death. So no matter what happens, we have the skills and experience to help.

Michigan is a no-fault state. This meansall drivers must carry the state’s no-fault PIP insurance coverage. This insurance coverage provides benefits for your injuries, no matter who was at fault for the accident.

However, it’s worth noting that there are exceptions to PIP coverage under Michigan Law that can restrict certain people from being covered. These exclusions are as follows:

A person is not entitled to PIP benefits for accidental bodily injury if, at the time of the accident, any of the following circumstances existed:

  (a) The person was willingly operating a vehicle that was taken unlawfully, and the person knew or should have known that the vehicle was taken unlawfully. 

  (b) The person was the owner of an uninsured vehicle involved in the accident.

  (c) The person was an out-of-state resident—unless the person owned a vehicle that was registered and insured in Michigan.

  (d) The person was operating a vehicle for which they were named as an excluded operator on the policy.

  (e) The person was the owner or operator of a vehicle for which coverage was excluded under a policy exclusion.

Black boxes, or Event Data Recorders (EDRs), are electronic devices typically installed in a vehicle’s computer system that record specific technical data. This data can include vehicle speed, seatbelt usage, airbag deployment status, vehicle crash signatures, and more.

In many car accident cases, EDRs can help prove what happened in an accident and who was ultimately the one at fault. This can be especially useful if the negligent party is trying to deny responsibility and argue about what happened.

However, it’s essential to understand that while EDR data can be helpful, it can also be used against you. For example, even if the other driver crashed into you because they were, let’s say, running a red light, you could also be found partially at fault if your EDR shows that you were driving above the speed limit at the time the accident occurred.

For this reason, EDR data should be used carefully and wisely. In most cases, it’s best to consult an attorney before handing over your EDR data for inspection.

Back pain is one of the symptoms after a car accident that can be tricky to recover compensation for, especially in Michigan. Insurance companies love to blame the pain on a pre-existing injury or claim it’s not that serious. In addition, under Michigan law a car accident victim must have a “threshold injury” to recovery compensation for pain and suffering.  

However, it is still possible to sue another driver for back pain if you can prove the following things.som

  1. The other driver must be att least 50% at-fault for causing the crash. This is called negligence. If you are more than 50% at-fault for causing an accident you cannot recover pain and suffering compensation.
  2. You must sustain an injury.
  3. The injury must be related to the car accident. The injury can be a new injury or an aggravation of a pre-existing condition – such as low back pain.
  4. You must sustain a threshold injury, which include (1) death, (2) permanent serious disfigurement and (3) serious impairment of body function.

Almost all car accident cases involve the last threshold – serious impairment of body function. Proving you meet the threshold is not cut and dry. That is why is important to contact a Sterling Heights attorney that specializes in car crashes. Our team of Macomb County accident lawyers knows how to substantiate your low back injury or whiplash with important and admissible evidence, such as medical records and doctor’s opinions.

It is important to get adequate testing, such as MRI or EMG. These tests can determine if the injured person has a herniated disc, lumbar radiculopathy, or any other serious back injury. They also make the difference in getting money from the insurance company or having your case dismissed.

There are many things that you should do after an accident to ensure that your claim goes as smoothly as possible. However, the number one thing that is most beneficial in any accident is the police report. Thus, the first thing you should do after an accident is call the police.

Police reports provide essential information that is necessary when filing a personal injury claim. Without a police report, it can be difficult to prove what happened, and insurance companies may use this as a reason to deny your claim.

Police reports are also important if the other party tries to lie about what happened and denies fault. Without a police report, it is simply your word against the other party’s, which can result in disputes that negatively affect your claim.

Independent Medical Exams (IMEs) are often something that insurance companies require of accident victims when they are filing a personal injury claim. The exam is paid for by the auto insurance company. Unfortunately, under the law the insurance companies can use the report written by the doctor after the brief “exam” to terminate benefits. This can occur even if your own personal doctors relate your work loss and injuries to the car crash. .

Missing an IME exam can have severe consequences. Primarily, it can result in an outright dismissal of your case, especially in cases involving PIP claims or uninsured/underinsured motorist claims.

However, there have been cases in the past where courts ruled in favor of claimants even after missing multiple IMEs.However, if you miss an IME, it can make things difficult and you will need a lawyer to defend you and protect your rights to benefits, such as the payment of medical bills and lost wages.

After you file a personal injury claim, it is beneficial to work with an attorney to ensure your case goes as smoothly as possible. In most cases, you are much more likely to recover the full and fair settlement you deserve when you have a lawyer on your side.

That said, no two personal injury lawyers or car accident lawyers are the same. So if you want to find the right one for you and your case, you will need to spend some time doing some research.

Below are some tips for finding the best Sterling Heights car accident lawyer:

  • Look for a lawyer specializing in cases like yours (i.e., car accident cases, drunk driving cases, slip and fall cases, pedestrian accident cases, etc.).
  • Look online for ratings and reviews of the law firm. These can be found on sites like Googleor the law firm’s website (think testimonials).
  • They have experience in handling auto accident cases in Macomb County and the local courts.
  • Look into the law firm’s experience and success rates.
  • Check out their Settlement pages, which show examples of settlements they have won for previous clients.
  • Ask for a referral to a good lawyer from someone you know who has previously worked with a lawyer.
  • Schedule an initial consultation with the lawyer to ask them more detailed questions and to get a better idea if they would be a good fit for you.

Lee Steinberg Law Firm: Sterling Heights Car Accident Lawyer

For over 40 years, The Lee Steinberg Law Firm has helped injured victims win their cases to collect the compensation they need and deserve. We care about the health and well-being of our clients. The results of a car accident in Michigan can be traumatic—let us help you get the compensation you need to recover and move on as comfortably as possible.