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St. Clair County Man Loses Uninsured Motorist Case

Uninsured Motorist Case Goes Against Michigan Man Getting involved in an accident with uninsured vehicle, or a hit-and-run car, is all too common here in Michigan. In fact, by some estimates more than 25% of vehicles operated in certain sections of the state are uninsured. Still, even when hit and injured by an uninsured car, [...]

Plaintiff Wins Out In No-Fault Fraud Case

Michigan Assigned Claims Plan Wins Fraud Case in Michigan No-Fault Accident The Michigan Court of Appeals issued a decision that affects individuals involved in a Michigan car accident that are receiving benefits through the Michigan Assigned Claims, now known as the Michigan Automobile Insurance Placement Facility (MAIPF). The Court ruled that based upon the language [...]

Mayor Duggan’s Newest No-Fault Proposal Is Rotten to the Core

New No-Fault Proposal Will Severely Cut Coverage Detroit mayor Mike Duggan, with House majority leader Thomas Leonard (R-DeWitt), unveiled the latest round of Michigan no-fault “reform” last week. With the introduction of House Bill 5013, the mayor and other insurance company folks are taking aim once again the one of the nation’s most robust automobile [...]

Insurance Companies Make Another Run at Michigan No-Fault Law Changes

Yet another attack on Michigan’s no-fault system appears to be imminent. Mlive.com ran an article last week stating that representative Jason Sheppard, R-Temperance, will introduce House Bill 5951 when the legislative session resumes after the November elections. This bill looks to completely destroy the present Michigan no-fault law by creating a no-fault PIP choice system. [...]

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Michigan Court of Appeals Finds for Plaintiff in No-Fault PIP Causation Case

Michigan No-Fault Lawyers The Michigan Court of Appeals made an important ruling this week on a Michigan car accident case involving Michigan no-fault PIP benefits and whether enough evidence was brought by the plaintiff to allow the case to go before a jury. In Randall v. State Farm Mutual Auto Ins. Co., docket no. 327292 [...]

Michigan Bike Accident – Tragedy and Solutions

Michigan Bicycle Accident Lawyers The tragic and absolutely devastating bicycle deaths that occurred near Kalamazoo last week highlight the growing problems bicyclists and motorists are facing on Michigan roadways. The accident occurred when a man driving a pickup truck plowed into a group of bicyclists. The collision results in the deaths of 5 bicyclists, with [...]

Flint Water Crisis – A Brief Chronological History

The ongoing saga of Flint’s dangerous water has finally hit the national news. And with that, the governor and the rest of our state leaders have finally decided to pay meaningful attention to the crisis, despite the fact Flint residents and leaders have been screaming for help for approximately to 18 months. Rather than go [...]

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Michigan No-Fault Law Changes – Excluded Drivers

Michigan No-Fault Law and Excluded Drivers The Michigan no-fault law and car accident law is constantly changing. The Michigan car accident lawyers at Call Lee Free work hard to keep our clients, and the public at large, appraised of all changes. The following is an update on what happens when a named excluded driver gets involved [...]

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Michigan Worker’s Compensation Carriers and Companies Raking in Millions

The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) announced this week that worker’s compensation premiums are expected to drop 6.9% in 2016. This is on top of a premium decrease of 6.5% in 2015. Since 2011, when the state legislature and Governor Snyder passed and signed into law legislation that provided employers and their [...]

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Medical Marijuana: Is New Road Test Coming?

When Michigan voters passed medical marijuana in 2008, one of the big issues in the aftermath was how law enforcement was going to regulate its use, especially on our state’s roadways. Although voters overwhelmingly agreed with the notion that those with serious illnesses should be permitted to ingest marijuana legally, most voters and Michigan citizens [...]

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